Wednesday, 19 March 2008

"You Make My Day"

Seems like this is my lucky week !
Not only have I already won blog candy, but I have been honoured with, not one, but two "You Make My Day" Awards! Isn't that great?

One was awarded to me by TwiggyPeaSticks ... and the other one came from Tassie ... both are members of the wonderful CB forum and have fabby blogs of their own where I linger regularly. I would like to thank you both very much for including me in your award lists.

Now, as previously, I have to nominate other people who 'Make My Day' and you will have to bear with me while I compile my list. I suppose in theory, as I have won 2 awards, I should really nominate 20 others but I am only going to do 10.

Partly because I need to check that none of my award nominations is duplicated by someone else, as I still have a very limited circle of bloggy friends. I confess that I do a lot of 'blog browsing' but I'm not brave enough to always leave a comment LOL and these 'bloggers' may not appreciate being awarded something from someone who is essentially a complete stranger. So I shall do a "Will I? ... Won't I?" battle with myself over this one.

The other reason for choosing to do 10 rather than 20, is purely and simply down to lack of time. So many of the 'blogs' I visit and admire have been stumbled across via links discovered in the labyrinth that is blogland and am not sure I will ever be able to find them again. I really should pay more attention.

Will update this post when I return from Edinburgh or, if I am home late, it may be tomorrow. Thanks again ladies ... I feel privileged and honoured to know you and it goes without saying, you have both 'Made My Day' too.

**UPDATE** 20th March 12.10pm

It would seem that not everyone is particularly pleased at the thought of a "You Make My Day" award. Just received a rather unsavoury e~mail from someone whose blog I visit ... but rest assured I won't be back there again. I was tempted to name and shame but that would be petty. I may have to play safe and reduce my list of awardees to those I know and love ... either that or toughen up a bit!

**FINAL UPDATE 23rd March **

Allrighty ... I have decided on my list of 10 and here they are ...

*Former Blonde ... a relative newcomer to blogland ... go and say hello and offer encouragement. there is definitely untapped creativity in that lady.

*Silvercustard ... guaranteed to make you smile and brighten up your day.

* Doodles and Scraps of Me ... Jane is a very talented lady and very encouraging too. Thank you Jane for all your kind words.

* Hermumbles ... aka Ana ~ a fellow CB member, who always makes me smile with the things she writes.

* Altered (T)Art and Stuff ... if you want to try something a little different then check this blog out. Awesome artwork and definitely worth a visit. You won't be sorry.

*Scrapbooking For The Soul ... Steph is a scrapbooker who has recently qualified as a Craft~Ed consultant. Visit her blog and discover some amazing words to add to your vocabulary LOL and also see some lovely creations

*Ana Baird ... ! recently visited and was blown away by the beatiful creations on display there,

*Distinctly Daisy ... another CB member whose talent needs recognition.

* Tales From The Craft Box ... you just have got to visit here ... I guarantee you will leave with a smile on your face.

* Fun Times ... Kim's fabby blog where she shows off some beautiful creations. Were that I was so talented.

I hope you will visit my nominated blogs and at least say 'Hi' to some very talented crafters ... they will apprecuate your efforts and you will benefit from visiting them.


FormerBlonde said...

gosh max some folk are miserys,, it makes me smile knowing folk have popped by mine, and even moreso if they let me know

jo xx

Max said...

Not ashamed to say I was a bit taken aback and hurt at the language but hey ho ... :(
Trust me to find the one and only crabbyfaced crafter in the whole of blogland LOL!

Jane said...

Oh Max thats aweful...don't let it get to you my friend, they are few and far between thank goodness!

And for what its worth, your a better person than me, I would have probably made it public!

Max said...

Thanks Jane ... really appreciate your understanding ... and I agree the majority of crafty bloggers are wonderful people. I had just never come across such animosity so it was a bit of a shock.

CindyBee said...

poor you Max - some people are such miserys aren't they. I would think most people would be thrilled - especially if it was someone you don't know telling you that "You make their day'. Nevermind - and good on you for not sinking to their level

FormerBlonde said...

oh max thanks so much

what happens now? am new and dont want to do something wrong


Rosie said...

I think awards are fun.... so thanks Max. I shan't pass it on till later today as I still haven't caught up with Sandy's from last week. (Ooops!)
You make MY day every time you leave me a comment, so thank you for both the award and for commenting! :o)

daisy said...

Thank you so much for the award ... it has certainly made my day :o)

caroline said...

what a lovley idea...trouble is it takes one person to mar the thing,and it can be upsetting,i had an upsetting message left on my blog,on my birthday last week and it really made me want to stop blogging, a craft forum so-called friend didnt like it as id not told her id started blogging..and so now dont want to communicate on forums...when youre a caring person it does stun you,but like you will find the good certainly out weigh the bad uns, id be reduced to tears if i got an award/recognition.rise above it gal..cos you are worth it x

Taavjax said...

that was a bit nasty eh?? you should name that person..
Thanks for the award -do you know that I don't know ten blogs ?? arrghhh!!!!!!

Cazzy said...

I normally find that only one or maybe two of the people I nominate acknowledge it in any way, or do anything about it.

That is fine, I normally put a note on saying that if they don't like tagging they don't have to take part, and sorry if they already got tagged, it seems a bit like chain letters, and the problem I had last time what that three of the people I nominated and posted links to had been tagged by someone just before me!
I have been tagged/awarded 3 times now, which is flattering (or it could be seen as desperation to find someone to tag) but it is a bit of a bind trying to do the rules and tag others!

Now there is this PFI thing that hasn't happened to me yet but is definately like a chain letter.

There could be some unscrupulous people out there manipulating it.

I don't think there is any need for nastiness, and the good thing about moderating comments is you don't have to publish them if you get a nasty one (maybe you won't want to publish this one Max but there is no nastyness intended!).