Monday, 3 March 2008


I did another "first" this afternoon ... in that period of time between lunchtime ending and the children's hometime pending.
I made a couple of ATC's.

So what you may ask?

Not a major achievement by any stretch of the imagination but I was quite pleased with the results and as someone who had never much considered ATC's, it was another little something new for me.

So what prompted me to make them?
Well ... I had been given one last week by Maggie50 from the CB forum and this morning, (when I was delivering the Friendship Book to Tracy), she handed me an ATC that her mum had made for me along with 2 blank ones. Wasn't that kind? Especially considering we have never so much as spoken to each other ... YET!

Hopefully we can change that very soon but until then I would like to say ...
"Thank you very much Glitzzy !"

Anyway ... I decided to use the blanks and have made one each for Maggie50 and Glitzzy and hope I will have the opportunity to deliver them very soon.


Jules {Creative Makes} said...

They are both wonderful hun, well done you! I'm so glad you have taken the plunge and dipped your toes into the ATC pond :-)

Thanks for the comments on my blog, you've been busy tonight :-)

Much love

Tassie said...

Fab ATC's Max. Well done!

LOve the friendship book in your last post as well.

Max said...

Cheers ladies :)... really appreciate you taking the time to leave a message.