Monday, 6 December 2010

Oh Poop!

Woke up this morning to almost blizzard conditions and another 6- 8 inches of snow.  I made the decision not to send my daughter out even though the school had officially reopened, according to the Fife Council website.  Within half an hour the list of schools closed in Fife rose from 12 to 95 before the site finally crashed.  Feel especially sorry for all the kids who have their prelims in January, as there will be a mountain of schoolwork to catch up when they do eventually return to the classroom ... whenever that may be.

Spent part of the weekend, when I wasn't clearing snow,  making some fun stuff for Naomi's pals, as an alternative to Christmas cards ... hence the title!
I know there are some people who frown on this idea, considering it 'toilet humour' and they're perfectly entitled to their opinion, but personally, I think it's just a bit of fun and am sure the kids would much prefer some sweet goodies to a Christmas card anyway!
So we have bags of 
Penguin Poop ... filled with chocolate raisins
Reindeer Poop ... filled with Maltesers
And for those of a more delicate nature ...
Snowman Kisses ... filled with mini marshmallows.
The snow seems to have stopped for the moment so it's on with the wellies and out with the shovel to get clearing.  
Stay safe wherever you are and just a reminder to keep one eye on any elderly or infirm neighbours you might have as they may not be receiving their usual level of care during this severe weather.