Monday, 23 November 2009

Easy Easel

Easel cards are huge in the crafting world right now and no wonder as they are unbelievable easy to make. Just as well as I'm extremely busy with Christmas card orders right now and haven't any time for complicated cards.
In fact, tying the large velvet bow neatly took longer than making the base card - Seriously!

The Congratulations card was made for a young lady who was recently told she was to lose her job and rather than despair about the injustice of it all just before Christmas, got out there and found another one.
Given the current job market situation, that is quite something and needs celebrating don't you think? Go Laura ! ... Go Laura !

Her sister, Shelley has made the decision to fly the family nest and very recently moved into a New Home, so there're lots of big changes happening down Mexborough way for my friend Ann and both her girls. Exciting and "skeeery" too.

Now ... these cards were both posted on the same day - at the same time - in the same post box.
SO! - How come one was delivered 3 days later than the other?
A Right Royal Mail Mystery ... and if anyone has a reasonable explanation then please share.

Now I must get back to finishing the list of orders still outstanding before I get slapped legs!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Patchwork Pals

This card was sent to my niece for her birthday last week but apparently it didn't arrive until the weekend. Good ol' Royal Mail doing what they do best ... annoying the British Public and causing chaos ... CHEERS!
It might be a good idea to start sending Christmas cards now just in case methinks.

The cute bunny is from the Patchwork Pals kit bought from QVC and I have to say it is great for making quick cards as all the pieces are die cut so just need popped out from the sheet.
If only the back and fronts matched properly it would be perfect ... "mini moan" ... but a couple of snips with scissors removed most of the overlap so not a huge hassle.
I really like the cute greeting stamp which is from Hampton Arts.
If you click the picture it's easier to read.

I've been really busy with Christmas card orders but hope to get some time to play with the new stamp set which arrived from Waltzing Mouse this morning ... I know I'm just soooooooo naughty but can't help myself!

Sunday, 8 November 2009