Wednesday, 31 December 2008

** Happy New Year **

To Friends Old and New
Max & Family

Monday, 29 December 2008

Oh Poop!

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Day and I reckon Santa and Rudolph must've had to bring an extra sleigh to carry the piles of presents that were in our living room on Christmas morning!
Usually I video the kids opening their parcels, but this year I decided to get the digital camera out and take snapshots for a change. It's only a simple point and press camera, nothing complicated ... 'cos I don't do complicated ... so what could possibly go wrong?
Well LOOK!
I must've pressed a button without realising somewhere, sometime, somehow ... and as a result every single photo is 'ghosted' or shadowed or blurry.
They look a little spooky to me actually.

I'm really quite upset as I'd intended making a scrapbook for hubby with some of them as he missed out on all the excitement due to work.
Sorry I'm such a 'numpty' babe!

However ... all is not completely lost as he's due home later today (Monday) and as I kept a few extra presents aside for the kiddlings to open with him it means I get a 2nd chance. So while it won't be quite the same I'll hopefully manage to capture some decent piccies and redeem myself.
We're also going to have Christmas Dinner all over again ... whoo hoo! ... and maybe this time we'll get further than the starter and main course before surrendering to feeling stuffed!
Think I may've been a touch over zealous with the menu first time round as no one wanted any Christmas pudding ... or chocolate dessert ... or mince pies ... or cheese and biscuits ... or coffee and mints.

We were invited to my sister's on Saturday evening and we shared a super meal with my sister and niece before indulging in a little "after dinner Wii~ing!"

What a hoot!As you can see from these photos ... taken with the same camera ... there's no ghosting this time ... even though I hadn't changed any camera settings, as I didn't realise there was a problem until I uploaded them all.
Now THAT'S spooky!!
Hope you all enjoyed a fabulous Christmas, wherever you were and whatever you were doing.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve

It's Wednesday ... it's "silly o'clock" ... I haven't been to bed ... and it's Christmas Eve !
I'm really not ready at all and kind've wish I could just stop the clock and rewind a few days ... or maybe a week ... or maybe a couple of weeks would be better ... to give me a chance to get cards posted and presents wrapped. The tree is still in the attic for goodness sake!!!
Don't ask me what's going on 'cos I haven't got a 'scooby~doo' ... I've never EVER been so laxadaisical about Xmas in my life before. If I could just have more time ... PWETTY PLEASE.
OK ...I know it ain't going to happen no matter how hard I wish, so I'll just have to make do and everyone will just have to bear with me.

Oh ... by the way, I forgot to show the final card in the order for Naomi's riding instructor the other day ... so here it is.

Now I'd better get some shut eye before Naomi wakes and wants taking up to the farm.

In case I don't get another chance, may I just wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and may you all enjoy a Fun~Filled Festive Season xxx

A Lovely Award

It's been a bit mad here in my world recently what with Christmas and other stuff to deal with. I've missed my online friends big muchness ... so imagine how happy I was when I saw this lovely award had been given to me by Jackie over at Jackie's Crafts.
It fair cheered me up so thank you Jackie.

The rules for receiving this award are :
1. Add the logo to your blog.
2. Link to the person from whom you received this award.
3. Nominate 7 or more blogs.
4. Leave a message on their blog, letting them know they are “One Lovely Blog”!
I usually cop out of nominating blogs for awards on the grounds that it's too hard to choose. I hope I'll be forgiven for staying true to form and being cowardly once again.
Visitors and followers of my wee corner of Blogland are welcome to take this award and display it on their own wee space should you wish to.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Fabulous Blog Award

I was so chuffed to receive this award from my crafty friend Irene at All Occasions Cards.
The rules are:

* To link this award to whoever gave it to you

* To nominate 5 blogging friends, leaving a message on their blog.

* To write down 5 addictions.

As you will know by now, I always struggle with the nomination part of these awards because there are too many wonderfully inspirational blogs out there ... so I would like to offer this award to my faithful followers who pop by and post messages of encouragement for which I am always very grateful.
My 5 addictions are ...
* Papercrafting ... of course.
* Coffee ... I'm a total coffeeholic.
* Blog Browsing.
* My Family ... who have always been so supportive and understanding.
* Nicotine ... yes I'm one of the disgusting lepers that blight the land ... I know, I know!

Still At It

Yep ... am still popping out Chrimbo' cards in a vain attempt to minimise the shop bought cards I'm going to be sending this year.

I should just give in I know ... but I feel like that's cheating and feel soooooo guilty for it, but what can a girl do?
The Brother & Sister-In-Law card is part of an order for a friend.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Winter Birds

My daughter's riding instructor asked if I would make her a special card for her mother for Christmas so I thought I'd better get a shift on before it's too late.

I also made a couple to add to my general Xmas card box but goodness only knows when I'll get a chance to write them, far less send them to anyone. There's always next year!!
Stop the bus!! ... I wanna' get off !!
These gorgeous Inkadinkadoo stamps are from the Winter Birds Collection and the detail in them is absolutely beautiful.
As usual my photos leave a lot to be desired but you'll get the idea.

I used gold and silver embossing powders but they would look equally stunning just as black silhouettes.
If I had dug them out earlier then I may well have managed to make enough cards for everyone this year as they really need little else added to make a lovely card.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Black 'n' White Christmas

Had a wee production line going and made a few of these cards the other night because they were quick and easy, which is just about all I can manage right now.

Just need a stamp ( I used Paperartsy Special Christmas collection) ... some silver embossing powder ... Anita's Classic Collection Christmassy paper ... and some Anita's text ribbon.
Bish ... Bash ... Bosh ... job's a good'un.

Also had a play with the Pearl Pens (mentioned in an earlier post) to add baubles to this tree which was clear embossed onto burgundy cardstock.
I like these pens ... A LOT!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Guess What ...??

I've won a super~dooper prize for one of my cards!
Let's Make Cards magazine ran a competition where we had to submit a card for World Card Making Day using just the supplies from the LMC Issue 18 Vintage Kit.
I posted off my card back in September/October and as time went by presumed I'd been unsuccessful.
So you can imagine how delighted, surprised and shocked I was to received a PM on the forum the other day to tell me I had been selected as one of the 9 lucky winners and loads of crafty stash is winging it's way to lickle ol' me. I understand that all the winning cards are featured in this month's LMC magazine ... is that exciting or what?
Will have to make sure I get a copy first thing tomorrow when it hits the shelves so I can show hubby when he gets home in case he thinks I've been spending again.
Just goes to show that it's always worth having a go.
Now ... if I could just be as lucky with the National Lottery ... hahahahaha !!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Show'n'Tell'n'Other Stuff

I didn't manage any blogging yesterday because I was too busy "pootling" between the kitchen (making a cauldron of soup LOL) and the craft room.
By the time I'd finished everything, I was plum tuckered out!
Here's some of what I was "pootling" with.

*First in my 'Show'n'Tell Parade is a cosy, somewhat fluffy crocheted hat ... yes folks I've dug out the crochet hooks and this is one of 3 little hats I've made recently!
The other 2 were snatched and grabbed by friends before I managed a photo but I don't blame them as it's fffffffff...freezing out there.

*Next up are some Dufex decoupage Xmas cards.
Not really my thing but they'll serve a purpose and it's another 3 less cards I have to buy.

*Continuing the Christmas card theme, here is another card but this time in the Country Kitchen style.
Not sure about that one either.

*Now these little beauties are something I discovered when I was gormlessly gazing around while waiting, (not particularly patiently), in a queue to pay for some ribbon ... and I just had to have them.
They distracted me from the blatant incompetence of the person supposedly in charge of the till and by the time it got to my turn, they had jumped into my basket.
I did a wee test to see what they were like ... and I am very impressed.
All you have to do is squeeze the tube and out drops a pearl. Leave it to dry and there you go ... what's more they can be applied to fabric and can be washed at 30 degrees.
So it may be that I NEED to go back for the other colours just so's I have the complete set.

*Finally ... a bargain buy!

I went to a clothes sale with my MIL recently and spotted this lovely velvet denim skirt. Thought it'd look nice with my tan leather chunky heeled boots and was delighted to find it was at a knockdown price of a fiver.

Even with the credit crunch I could afford that.

Couldn't believe it when I checked the label and saw the original price !!

Check this out .....

.... so this will probably be hailed as my bargain of 2008 !

Saturday, 6 December 2008

With Love At Christmas

Here are a couple more cards for Christmas ... which sadly will not make much of a dent in the outstanding list but it's 2 more that won't be shop bought so that's something.
The reindeer silhouette and the stamped message are from a set of Anita's clear stamps called Christmas Classics and the background papers are from the Anita's Christmas Blues collection.
I think they may well be pulled out every year as I love them so much ... what us crafters might call an investment huh??

I used black embossing powder (which is not showing at all in the photograph) and added a few blue gems to the antlers. A couple of silver snowflakes and a little bow just help to make it more Christmassy.

Using the same sentiment on the gold mirri card ... don't you just lurrrrve that font ... I added some doublesided paper borders which were ready cut and just needed folded and an organza ribbon bow, finishing with some little green adhesive gems from Dovecraft.

Doesn't get much easier than that does it?

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Frosty and Rudi

I bought some gorgeous Christmas stamps ages ago and have been desperate to have a play with them but something always managed to get in the way.
So I gave myself a wee treat this afternoon while the creative urge was with me ...

... and as an extra bonus I got out the embossing powders and glitter too!

I've been a little selfish today
and will probably have to spend tomorrow doing some chores to make up for it ... but hey ho ... why not?

Blitzen Cards

I found time this morning to make another couple of Christmas cards ... don't faint!

The Blitzen In A Blizzard stamp is one I bought from a sale bin several weeks ago when out and about with my wee friend Maggie 50 and it made me smile, but this is the first chance I've had to play with it.
I stamped with white ink on black card and then added white embossing powder before heating with a heat gun.
The background card is from DCWV "All Dressed Up" stack and the message is from a Serendipity Christmas stamp set. Not quite sure what went wrong with the silver glitter ... it went a wee bit runny and spreadable.
Talking about blizzards ... we were forecast a severe weather warning for last night and Naomi was really looking forward to the promised whiteout !
Instead we got the Big Thaw LOL!
One day they'll get it right.

Best Shoes Award

Last weekend the team at Crafts Beautiful forum hosted a fabulous online Christmas Party which was thoroughly enjoyed by all members. There were lots of competitions with superb prizes up for grabs and some really good online games.

As usual my weekend was pretty busy so online time was limited, but I did manage to join in some of the funstuff and was awarded this certificate by the CB team ...
.... and these are the award winning sparklies which have been worn by me at some point, every year for the last 15 years.
Aren't they just the most "blingy-liciously blingy" boots?

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Naomi's Creation

I have been too busy to do any crafting this week, but Naomi wanted to make a card for her friend at school ... whose name also happens to be Naomi ... and I was once again very impressed with what she created.
I have some serious competition methinks!
The stamp is "Cuddly Buddly Charley with Willow" and was a surprise gift from a special online friend Jules.

She coloured it with my Whispers Brush Markers and then mounted it onto turquoise and brown card from my stash, which was cut with scalloped scissors.
The base card and the letter stickers came from a DCWV card kit.
I have no doubt that her schoolfriend is going to be delighted when she receives this beauty.