Thursday, 27 March 2008

3 RAK's Today

I have got to be having the most amazing week of all time. The postie arrived this morning bearing yet more RAK gifts from my CB friends. And when they were opened they revealed so many beautiful things I'm afraid I had a 'Niagara Moment' ... quite a long one too!

Glitzzy had sent a bumper bundle of oriental goodies, far too many to mention individually but one item in particular was a gorgeous keyring which has a quartz stone encased in a metal spiral globe. Needless to say it is hanging from my car keys already. Thank you Glitzzy ... I will enjoy playing with them all and you may find you and Zheena are responsible for another addiction LOL.

The 2nd RAK was from a very special lady Jules, from Creative Makes. She sent my daughter and I a pony card ... knowing how horse mad my little girl is ... but, more than that, she also included the actual Cuddly Buddly stamp for us to play with! Isn't that a wonderfully kind thing to do? Thank you so much Jules ... we'll have to have a rota for using it I think.

That was when my eyes started to leak.

So by the time I came to open the 3rd RAK, which was from Queenie ... well that was when Niagara started flowing with a vengeance. The envelope revealed a box ... beautifully decorated in friendship papers and a little twiggy heart.

Inside the box was an accordian Friendship Book ... and I can't tell you how gorgeous it is in real life but take a look at the photo ... isn't it amazing?

I have got to be the luckiest lady ever to have such wonderful, kind and generous friends. Thank you all so very, very much.


Tassie said...

Wow! Some amazing things you've recieved, hun. They're al fab! That stamp from Jules is so cute.

Jules {Creative Makes} said...

Wow, what amazingly generous RAKs Glittzy and Queenie sent you hunny. Fully deserved off course, 'cos you are so bloomin' lovely!

I hope you both enjoy playing with the stamp, don't forget to share the results :o)

ENJAY said...

Congratulation on being member of the month on the Crafts Beautiful forum, you well and truely deserve it!!!

Max said...

Thank you :)