Friday, 21 March 2008

Pay It Forward Blog Candy Winners

The time has come to announce the winners of the promised Pay It Forward prizes. Now as a fairly new blogger I have done a bit of research (by poking around other blogs) to make sure I follow the PIF rules of play and have discovered that there are actually no hard and fast rules.
Some bloggers offer prizes to the first 3 replies posted and others do a lucky dip selection ... so I think on this occasion I will opt for the latter and do a lucky dip. Hope that is acceptable and forgive me if I have breached 'Netiquette'.

Soooooooooo ... the 3 winners names pulled out of the hat are .........

* Former Blonde *
* Summer By The Sea *
* Danemi1 *
Please e~mail me with your names and addresses and I'll send out your prizes ASAP.
My E~Mail address can be found at the bottom of the Important Information Section on the right hand side.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for joining in.


FormerBlonde said...

hi Max
woo hoo am over the moon, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too

will email you now

jo xx

Jane said...

Hey well done girls, Elaine, your on a winning streak at the moment with these blog prizes :)

I guess that means your on a 'Blog Roll' boom boom, sorry I couldn't resist a pun!!! :-}}

Max said...

Thanks to the 3 winners for your address details ... your prizes are ready for posting.
When you receive your prize all you have to do is Pay It Forward to 3 lucky winners on your own blog. Have fun!


Martine said...

that is so generous of you hun,by the way you have been given a special award, please visit my blog to receive it hun.

Max said...

Prizes are now winging their way via Royal Mail. Thanks again for joining in.