Saturday, 20 December 2008

Still At It

Yep ... am still popping out Chrimbo' cards in a vain attempt to minimise the shop bought cards I'm going to be sending this year.

I should just give in I know ... but I feel like that's cheating and feel soooooo guilty for it, but what can a girl do?
The Brother & Sister-In-Law card is part of an order for a friend.


Ann said...

You're doing a great job Max and one day I may forgive you for having me sitting by the phone all day waiting for your call back.

Only kidding I realised things had got hectic.

Don't make yourself poorly with these cards - when it gets this near to Christmas people forget who has sent a card and who hasn't anyway and you could always send New Year ones maybe.

Ann xxx

** Irene ** said...


Your cards are gorgeous, I love them.


torpenhow07 said...

Some more lovely cards you have made there.
Happy Christmas to you

torpenhow07 said...

Max please pop by my blog there is something there for you

queenie said...

busy bee...gorgeous cards max,luv em
tracy xxx

tiggertastic said...

stunning makes Max, i love the papers you have used in the last one.

Shirley said...