Monday, 29 December 2008

Oh Poop!

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Day and I reckon Santa and Rudolph must've had to bring an extra sleigh to carry the piles of presents that were in our living room on Christmas morning!
Usually I video the kids opening their parcels, but this year I decided to get the digital camera out and take snapshots for a change. It's only a simple point and press camera, nothing complicated ... 'cos I don't do complicated ... so what could possibly go wrong?
Well LOOK!
I must've pressed a button without realising somewhere, sometime, somehow ... and as a result every single photo is 'ghosted' or shadowed or blurry.
They look a little spooky to me actually.

I'm really quite upset as I'd intended making a scrapbook for hubby with some of them as he missed out on all the excitement due to work.
Sorry I'm such a 'numpty' babe!

However ... all is not completely lost as he's due home later today (Monday) and as I kept a few extra presents aside for the kiddlings to open with him it means I get a 2nd chance. So while it won't be quite the same I'll hopefully manage to capture some decent piccies and redeem myself.
We're also going to have Christmas Dinner all over again ... whoo hoo! ... and maybe this time we'll get further than the starter and main course before surrendering to feeling stuffed!
Think I may've been a touch over zealous with the menu first time round as no one wanted any Christmas pudding ... or chocolate dessert ... or mince pies ... or cheese and biscuits ... or coffee and mints.

We were invited to my sister's on Saturday evening and we shared a super meal with my sister and niece before indulging in a little "after dinner Wii~ing!"

What a hoot!As you can see from these photos ... taken with the same camera ... there's no ghosting this time ... even though I hadn't changed any camera settings, as I didn't realise there was a problem until I uploaded them all.
Now THAT'S spooky!!
Hope you all enjoyed a fabulous Christmas, wherever you were and whatever you were doing.


** Irene ** said...

Oh Max, you certainly all had a fab time,

Thank you for the photos.


Lee Poirier said...

Ooohhhh spooky indeed !!!
Hope you all had a nice Xmas despite the lack of photos...
Lots of love, Lee xx

Tasha said...

Hey Max thanks for your message and for linking my blog candy. Your joke was really bad but made me laugh and i spat my water all over my keyboard lol!
I have a wii its so much fun isnt it, my mother loves it and she is so conservative you ould not have thought it lol.
Glad you have had a good christmas.
Love Tasha xx

Max said...

LOL Tasha ... Hope you had kitchen roll handy ... errrrrmmmm do I get a bonus point for that LOL?
The great thing about the Wii is that there is no age barrier ... anyone can play and have fun. We love it in our house.


tiggertastic said...

Oh Max darlin, what are you like?

The thought was there with a scrap book, and the camera was a very good idea …. Lest I say anymore my dear friend J

On a brighter note, I hope Jimi got home safely and you manage to get some fab photos, and also get to eat all your 3 or 5 course meal.

Take care, sarah x

maddy hill said...

Hi ya max , shame your photos didnt all come out , my soph got a wii for chrimbo - i reconise those poses !lol
Happy New Year to you x