Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Show'n'Tell'n'Other Stuff

I didn't manage any blogging yesterday because I was too busy "pootling" between the kitchen (making a cauldron of soup LOL) and the craft room.
By the time I'd finished everything, I was plum tuckered out!
Here's some of what I was "pootling" with.

*First in my 'Show'n'Tell Parade is a cosy, somewhat fluffy crocheted hat ... yes folks I've dug out the crochet hooks and this is one of 3 little hats I've made recently!
The other 2 were snatched and grabbed by friends before I managed a photo but I don't blame them as it's fffffffff...freezing out there.

*Next up are some Dufex decoupage Xmas cards.
Not really my thing but they'll serve a purpose and it's another 3 less cards I have to buy.

*Continuing the Christmas card theme, here is another card but this time in the Country Kitchen style.
Not sure about that one either.

*Now these little beauties are something I discovered when I was gormlessly gazing around while waiting, (not particularly patiently), in a queue to pay for some ribbon ... and I just had to have them.
They distracted me from the blatant incompetence of the person supposedly in charge of the till and by the time it got to my turn, they had jumped into my basket.
I did a wee test to see what they were like ... and I am very impressed.
All you have to do is squeeze the tube and out drops a pearl. Leave it to dry and there you go ... what's more they can be applied to fabric and can be washed at 30 degrees.
So it may be that I NEED to go back for the other colours just so's I have the complete set.

*Finally ... a bargain buy!

I went to a clothes sale with my MIL recently and spotted this lovely velvet denim skirt. Thought it'd look nice with my tan leather chunky heeled boots and was delighted to find it was at a knockdown price of a fiver.

Even with the credit crunch I could afford that.

Couldn't believe it when I checked the label and saw the original price !!

Check this out .....

.... so this will probably be hailed as my bargain of 2008 !


Ultramum said...

What a bargain - I'm sure the saving will more than pay for the rest of the pearl pens!!!

torpenhow07 said...

Wow that skirt really was a bargain Max and those pearls look fab.
Love your card makes too, you were a busy bee yesterday

Ann said...

Soup - hats - cards and a bargain buy - okay own up there must be more hours in the day in Scotland than down here!!

Ann xxx

** Irene ** said...

Oh Max,

Why can't I find bargains like that!! Love the hat though and the cards are great. It's freezing down here to.


Tasha said...

The hat looks so warm and cosy! And your cards are so lovely. What a bargain with that skirt! Im not a bargain hunter but my mother is she loves a good deal lol!
Tasha xx

queenie said...

wish i could pootle like that,love everything you have done max and wow what a bargain,now you can buy more stash!!!