Saturday, 20 December 2008

Fabulous Blog Award

I was so chuffed to receive this award from my crafty friend Irene at All Occasions Cards.
The rules are:

* To link this award to whoever gave it to you

* To nominate 5 blogging friends, leaving a message on their blog.

* To write down 5 addictions.

As you will know by now, I always struggle with the nomination part of these awards because there are too many wonderfully inspirational blogs out there ... so I would like to offer this award to my faithful followers who pop by and post messages of encouragement for which I am always very grateful.
My 5 addictions are ...
* Papercrafting ... of course.
* Coffee ... I'm a total coffeeholic.
* Blog Browsing.
* My Family ... who have always been so supportive and understanding.
* Nicotine ... yes I'm one of the disgusting lepers that blight the land ... I know, I know!

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