Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Spring Beauty

I was leaving for work this morning and this was what greeted me as I opened the front door.

The pink azaleas which skirt the front path are in full bloom and what a gorgeous, dazzling display they make. I only wish they lasted longer.


Jules said...

oh so pretty! What a lovely sight to greet you :o)

Max said...

I know Jules ... they're so gorgeous they take my breath away.
Quite pleased that the close up photo picked up the stamens which look like litle silver gems ... isn't nature beautiful?

tiggertastic said...

The colours in your flowers are so rich.
thanks for showing us. sarahxx

Ickle Pickle said...

I love azaleas, such a gorgeous colour :)

Cambiel said...

Wow! Those are really vibrsnt colours - more like hot summer! what a fab thing to have them greet you when you step out the door.