Saturday, 17 May 2008

A Max Make ... or maybe 2 !

The CB forum was out of action last night as was the MSN group I belong to, so after struggling with them both for a while I gave up and decided that as no one wanted to be my friend I would just have some playtime instead.

What started as a simple idea 'morphed' into something a bit more the longer I played around ... and eventually I ended up not only with this Accordian Book ... (actually it's more of a folder) ... but an enormous mess which was the result of much digging through my stash for what I wanted. Funny how what you want is always at the bottom of the pile isn't it? LOL!
I will be personalising the front but couldn't show you or that would give the game away who it is for.

It will soon be winging it's way to the 'secret someone' I had originally intended to make a simple card for ... just hope it gets there safely and they like it when it lands. I have filled the envelopes with bits and bobs which I hope will be useful to the intended victim .... ermmmm I mean receiver LOL!
While I was waiting for the glue to dry on the folder thingy, I busied myself making a card using the Let's Make Cards kit ... just a simple one but quite pretty all the same.

Here are the instructions ...

Use a ready scored pink card blank from the kit and adhere the green floral paper to the lower part covering about 2/3rds.

Round the corners and also cut the outside edges of the card with decorative scissors / trimmer.

Cut out the paisley pattern flowers from another paper and glue them in a flower shape onto gold mirri card ... then cut around the shape leaving a narrow border.
Stick green pearl gems to the centre of each flower petal and add an epoxy greeting.
Gold mirri card provides the stem to which is added a small pink bow made from the ribbon in the kit.
2 small diecut butterflies, also in the kit, and a teeny bit of pink glitter, add the finishing touch.

Wonder if I've missed the closing date for the challenge. Will check that out later.


Jules said...


That is utterly gorgeous hun, the colours are all sugar and sweet and scrumptious.

The lucky person is going to treasure it I'm sure, well done sweetheart, you are amazingly generous.

Jules x

Max said...

You're so kind Jules. Thank you x

tiggertastic said...

Yum those colours are so pretty Max.
You have made a amazing accordion book there hun, the receive must be very special to have such a wonderful gift from you.

Sarah xx