Monday, 12 May 2008

Amazing Artwork!

Most of my online friends and forum buddies know that my 12 year old daughter is passionate about horses and sometimes prefers being around them to people.

Her other favourite hobby is drawing and, in my opinion, she has a definite talent for art. She often sits in the evenings sketching, doodling or colouring in pictures and finds it a good way to chill.
One of her friends asked her to do a picture of a horse and the other night I sat and watched Naomi draw this for her friend.
At the risk of being a braggy parent I decided I just had to show off her artistic talent ... isn't it amazing?

Here are another couple of drawings she has done ... she has always been fascinated with dinosaurs.


Jules said...

oh my oh my oh my oh my!!!

that is FAN-BLOOMIN-TIC !!!!!!!!

A huge well done Naomi, you certainly have bags of talent, I hope you are going to let you mum show off more of your work!

Jules xx

Max said...

I let her see your comment Jules and she's really chuffed. Thank you for making her day.

Ann said...

That horse is just out of this world - can't believe Naomi drew that - it's brilliant.

She is really talented.

Ann xxx

pinkpuppy said...

O wow! they are fantastic drawings!

Cambiel said...

WOW! what a telented daughter you have. The horse is just beautiful!! Her friend is v. lucky to have that given to her. x

Max said...

Can't wait to let her see your lovely comments tomorrow. Thank you so much xx


twiggypeasticks said...

They are great, I can't believe she is so young. It's a real talent being able to draw with attention to detail and to get the perspective so spot on. Well done young lady !
Twiggy x

LAZY-TROUT said...

Max your daughter has some amazing talent there! I am in awe of the horse - WOW!!! I hope Naomi lets you show more of her work :)

SewDelish said...

Wow! They are fantastic. My DD is just starting to learn how to draw. She is trying to teach herself from books. Will have to show her these as she is a dinosaur and horse fan too!

Max said...

Naomi taught herself from books ... and from copying her favourite characters from magazines etc. Now she's at High School I hope she will realise her talent and be given the encouragement to develop it further.

Thanks again for all you lovely comments. :)

tiggertastic said...

What a fabulous talent Naomi has for drawing. Excellent !

Louly said...

I love them all but that horse is particularly amazing. What a gifted daughter you have.Wow wow and wow again. (are you sure she's only 12?????)