Friday, 4 April 2008

Tagged Twice

I have been 'Tagged' by 2 of my CB friends, Former Blonde and Twiggypeasticks. Thanks ladies ... I think LOL!

Here are the Roolz which have to be posted:

1). Name and URL of person who tagged you.
2). Post the rules.
3). Write 7 things about yourself.
4). Name 7 fave blogs.
5). Send email to 7 blogs to say that they have been tagged.

Now as you can see, being 'tagged' means I have to tell 7 facts about myself ... EEEK!! Good job they don't have to be interesting LOL 'cos I'm quite boring really ... but here goes.

1. When I was at school, I wanted to join the police, but I discovered I was 'vertically challenged' being only 5' 3" ... and a bit.

2. My husband and I will celebrate our 21st Wedding Anniversary this year.

3. My family and friends are more precious to me than anything else in my life.

4. When I was 17, I broke my neck and back in a car accident.
(I was a passenger in the back and it was before seatbelts were compulsory).

5. I am the 3rd born of 6 children ... 3 brothers and 2 sisters and am the eldest daughter.

Ermmmmm struggling now .....

6. I lurrrrrve to wear dingly dangly earrings.

Now I'm really stumped ... what else could I tell you ?
Oh yes.

7. I am about to rejoin the workforce after 18 years as a 'Domestic Engineer'

See ... warned you I was boring!

Now the rules say I must nominate and e~mail 7 other bloggers but having browsed through my favourites over the last couple of days, I noticed that many of them have already been tagged ... and probably wouldn't thank me if I did it again. So I'm going to let it lie and just point you in the direction of the list on the right >>>>>>>>>>>> over there.

They are all super blogs and well worth a visit if you have the time.
Hope I haven't offended anyone or spoiled anything by not doing things properly.


Ickle Pickle said...

LOL number one made me giggle Max :) Wow you had a lucky escape in that car crash. I know you broke your neck but you are so lucky to be with us. I hope there was no lasting damage 4u.

Max said...

Thank you for your reply Ickle Pickle. T'was my lucky day that day definitely. Occasional twinges of arthritis in my neck and back are the only reminders ... amazing really.

I feel happy now that someone has read my tag facs ... thank you :)