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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

MOTM Prize

A rather battered and sorry looking parcel arrived this morning ... poor thing looked like it had done 10 rounds with Frank Bruno. But if ever there was an example of the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" ... then this was it!
Because when I opened it ... what a wealth of crafty treasure it contained !

It was my MOTM price from Crafts Beautiful. Ooodles and oodles of luvverly stash ... some of which I have never seen before and will need to investigate what it is and what to do with it LOL!

Just looky here at the stamps ...
which one shall I play with first ??

Then there were the embellishments ...

ribbons and sequins ... brads and flowers ... punches and mini papers ... stickers and pens ... and so much more.

Finally ... at the bottom were the paper pads and a CD rom of Fairies, wizards and fantasy characters, cards and matching envelopes and fabric stickers.

So a huge 'Thank You' to the CB team .... I am very grateful and can't wait to start playing with it all.

Now Jimi will definitely need to build some more storage LOL!


Chrissy said...

Well done you - looks like a lovely stash and the CD sounds intrigueing

twiggypeasticks said...

Well done honey, well deserved. Have fun playing with your stash
Twiggy x

Ann said...

oh Max - well done and as said above - very well deserved! goodies to a goodie!!!

Ann xxx

LAZY-TROUT said...

Well deserved Max!! Enjoy all that lovely stash x

Carolyn said...

Lucky lucky you and well deserved

Max said...

Awwww thank you all for sharing my excitement. How lucky am I?
Problem is there is so much to play with, I don't know where to start ... am still finding homes for it all.

caroline said...

well done and so deserving x

Susie Blackwell said...

Wow that is such a great prize!