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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Oriental Cards

I was having a little play today, (it was my reward to myself for cleaning the windows LOL!), and managed to make a few Oriental cards using items from the RAK's I received last week.

I confess I've never been particularly drawn towards the 'Oriental' style of card making and that's why I found it quite difficult to come up with anything inspiring.

That will also probably explain why I'm not very comfortable with the finished results.

However ... I had a try and here they are.
Thank you all for looking.


Ana Baird said...

Wow! So beautiful and elegant!

Jules {Creative Makes} said...

Wow, those are gorgeous hun!

Jules x

crafty_george said...

I am really not into Oriental either but they are lovely cards and I think the fan one is stunning!

Emma X

LAZY-TROUT said...

I'm another who doesnt 'do' oriental - but you have done a fantastic job with these - the fan one is gorgeous!

Chick84 said...

I love the oriental style, not really done alot myself either ... the one with the fans is beautiful! Well they all are but that my fave! :)
Chick x

Carolyn said...

it must have been difficult to get making with all that new stash! Decisions decisions!

Chrissy said...

I have never tried oriental but you have made some lovely cards there. I particularly love the one with the green and the jewelled butterflies and dragonflies......

Max said...

Oh crikey ... thank you for your kind comments. Maybe you are seeing something in them that I am missing ... or maybe I just will never have the 'feel' for Oriental that others can achieve.
I really appreciate your encouragement though.