Friday, 1 May 2009

Thank You and Sorry

Thank you so much for all the lovely e~mail messages I have received recently from visitors wondering where I am and and why I haven't posted anything.
Please accept my apologies to you all for causing any concern.
There's nothing to worry about ... honestly!
I'm just busy with other things and haven't had time or energy left for crafting or blogging.

I hope to be back soon but meanwhile ...

If anyone knows of someone in Scotland, with a double horsebox for sale ... or someone who has a flat to rent near Kings Buildings in Edinburgh ... ????
... then I would be your friend for life LOL!

Hey ho ... aww well ... must get back to the classifieds.




lilacanglia said...

Glad your ok,
Sorry I dont live near enough to know anyone,
Hope you find someone that can help,

Susan.... said...

hi Max,
Still no luck with Nialls flat?...lets hope you can get it sorted out soon...good luck!
also,good luck with the horse box...l am afraid l cant help you out at all...
Hope you and the family are keeping well..l will check back for updates..
susan x

Susan.... said...

Just popping back to say a big thank you for the fab game and all the hard work that you did to get it all together...very appreciated...
susan x

Anonymous said...

I received my prize yesterday, Max. >:0) Thanks so much!!

Glad all is well with you. Hope you are finding time to have some fun!

tracy said...

i did wonder where you were lol, do know a horse keeping woman but not in scotland ,
looking forward to seeing some more of your creations in the future. glad alls well with you

weewiccababe said...

sorry, can't help with either Max, although I know someone who may be selling a horsebox - not sure if its a double one or not. If it is a double one I'll email you the details

neverenoughrubberstamps said...

Hello Max!

Guess what???




Craftyanny said...

Glad to hear you ok Max, hope you get the flat sorted out soon
Anne x

June said...

Hiya Max, Aww well i hope you get fixed up soon with the things you need and in the meantime ... get yourself some chill time too
Hugs June xxx

Max said...

Thanks ladies ... you are all so kind :)xx


Ann said...

Hey Max - missing you. Wish you could get those worries sorted.

Will ring you next week to catch up.

Ann xxx

jackiescrafts said...

Awww Max sorry I can't help as not in your neck of the woods, hope everything gets sorted soon

dragonflyjoy said...

Hi Max
Been meaning to ring you but haven't been on the actual blog for a while to check on how things were going re horse and flat. Sorry you haven't got things sorted yet. I can understand you not having time for crafting and blogging - family comes first don't they. Will probably ring next week.

Love and hugs
Joyce xx

Glitzzynews blogspot said...

Hey Max!!!!!
Huge thanks again from me to you,for your fab, Rak,You take care of you! Hope you find all that you need,be well.
Luv Maureen xx
Ps I am sad,but feel better now!!! cause I've joined your followers! woweeee xx

Suzy said...

I only wish to show you i allready use the stamps i win at your blog candy. Thanks again. here you can see

** Irene ** said...

Hello Max

I hope things will sorted out quickly for you.

Love to Naomi,

Watch out for Mr Postie ????


jude said...

Hiya Max ,
you do sound busy ,so sorry youve not got the falt sorted as yet ,sorry i can't help with either.Nice to see you are ok and not off the blog due to ill health.
Have some blog candy so pop over and join.
Take care fingers crossed something comes up soon for both
love n hugs judex

Lykoe said...

Hello Max :) Today I had some good news from my post-office :))

Yap! I got your present!!! Thank's so much! I absolutely love this cards! Kits look even better in real life :)

Hope to see you soon :))

Max said...

Thanks for letting me know your prizes arrived ladies.


Ann said...

Max hope you are okay - don't want to ring when Jimmy is home as you need ' quality time'. Thanks for your support - wine glasses work well - I'll do some for York if we ever get ourselves sorted.

Ann xxx

Tasha said...

Ah Max thanks for the lovely comment. I had to take last week off commenting just to get some crafting done so im playing catch up now lol. I dont believe your mjo has gone - you are one of the most creative people in blogland! My Mojo keeps flying off - maybe there is a holiday place for mojos! Ok im going off on a tangent now lol
Cant wait till your back with some of your wonderful creations
love tasha xx

Crafty Dawn said...

Come on max so many missing you. It must be nice to know you are missed. I do hope you get things sorted out very very soon we miss you loads. xxxxx

Love Dawn xx

Max said...

I really appreciate all your kind words and I read every one. Thank you for continuing to pop by to brighten up my day :)


June said...

Just popped in to say we miss you Max. Hope all is good and thanks for letting us know you are ok
Hugs June xxx