Sunday, 31 May 2009

Fun In The Sun

Hi Everyone!

Like most of the UK we are enjoying some fabulous weather at the moment so I'm taking advantage and have ventured outside into the garden. Hubby did most of the major work when he was home, so I'm just tidying and tweaking but every little bit helps doesn't it?

Am just going to clean the windows (didn't realise how bad they were until the sun tried to shine through them ... *blush*) and hang out the washing before popping out to get some pretties for the window boxes. The hanging baskets have been done for a while but I ran out of enthusiasm before tackling the boxes ... this lovely weather has made me want to do them so better strike while the iron's hot.

Another busy day tomorrow as I have to go to fetch Niall and all his belongings from Edinburgh. We'd hoped to have found him a flat before now but hey ho ... no joy ... so guess what we'll be doing this Summer??

It's our Scottish Bank Holiday tomorrow so Naomi is off school and she will no doubt want to spend time with the horses up at the farm. Hopefully I can get to Edinburgh, do the necessaries and be back before she's ready to come home ... life's all a juggling act 'innit??

Anyway ... hope you are all having a Wonderful Weekend ... wherever you are and whatever you are doing. I'll pop round for a 'look~see' and catch up over the next few days ... if this weather continues it'll only be in the evenings though. Take care xx



weewiccababe said...

I haven't started on my baskets or pots this year - am still trying to get on top of the weeds argh lol
have a great weekend Max - its scorchio here too

Susan.... said...

Hi Max,
Just catching up,never enough time in the day,is there..its great when the garden is up straight,but it takes time and effort to maintain aswell.Hope you get Niall sorted out soon.Hope Naomi has nice day at the farm tomorrow and you get everything done ! Its all go !
Have a nice Bank Holiday,keep well.
Love and hugs
Susan x

jackiescrafts said...

Glad you are enjoying the sun Max, hope you got the window boxes done. You have a busy day tomorrow so hope you manage to keep all the balls in the air and your timing works ok. Good luck with the flat hunting, hope something turns up soon

Ann said...

I've had fun too - hope tomorrow goes okay for you in Edinburgh.

Ann xxx

Kim Dellow said...

Have a fab bank hol Max, hope the weather is still good. Kim

dragonflyjoy said...

Lovely to read your message Max and see you are having some sun. We have had wall to wall sun for three days but it is getting a wee bit too hot for me.
Sorry you haven't been able to fix Niall up with a flat. It must be very time consuming, well I know it is having worked in Cardiff University accommodation office for many years. Glad to hear Naomi is still with the horses. What happened about the farmer and his fields after. Haven't heard anything on that since we last spoke on the phone.

Speak soon,
love and hugs
Joyce xx

Glitzzynews blogspot said...

Max,hun what can I say!! Just hope you managed to get all that stuff done in time,made me tired thinking about all that cleaning windows (big blush can't see mine at all lol)so I think you should have a long rest and guess what:: Just enjoy crafting lol
Take care Luv Maureen x

Lee Poirier said...

Hope you managed to keep everyone happy on Monday.
Hope everything is well with you all.
Love, Lee xx