Thursday, 5 March 2009

Share A Smile **UPDATED - 7th March**

These cards were made to send to Dorothy of Never Enough Rubber Stamps so that she can distribute them to the elderly and homeless in her area, in the hope of cheering them up and showing that people really do care.

All share the same sentiment, which has just been typed and printed on my computer, as I thought it was particularly appropriate for this occasion.

These words bring back fond memories of my dear Nan, who sadly died 18 years ago and who was one of the kindest, loveliest and most gentle ladies I've ever known. She often used to come away with little pearls of wisdom like this when I was a young girl and I still miss her very much.

Full details of Dorothy's Spread A Smile Campaign and her fabulous blog candy are HERE and if you can help out in any way, however small, then I'm sure it will be very much appreciated ... but please don't win the Blog Candy 'cos I want it LOL!


Ann said...

Max this is lovely - the sentiment is perfect.
I must get mine organised over the weekend. I'm sending ones from my box though as it needs thinning out a bit.

Ann xxx

Tasha said...

Hey Max this card is beautiful - love the colours its stunning.
Thanks for your comment im well excited and hope that you get a chance to pop over and have a little look
love tasha xx

** Irene ** said...

Hello Max

Oh boy what gorgeous cards, and a fabulous idea. Do I see a little cuttling by any chance ????


Shirley said...

How lovely and pretty! How thoughtful of you too! I really like the butterflies and all of the other creative embellisments you used to make them so unique and lovely~

Sue said...

Lovely cards and the semtiment is just perfect, what a lovely idea, sue.x

tiggertastic said...

Max that is such a thoughtful idea and so wonderful of you to take part and make your stunning cards, they will defiantly bring many smiles

Sarah x

pinkpuppy said...

They are beautiful love the butterfly's!

queenie said...

Great idea,really thoughtful and your cards are beautiful.

neverenoughrubberstamps said...

Those cards are Beautiful Max!
I love your spirit!
I will anxiously await your cards and make sure that someone who could really use a smile gets them.
Thank you for making a difference and having a big heart.

I have to tell you that you speak of your Nan in the same light as I speak of my Granny. The Sweetest and most gentle woman I ever knew. So much wisdom and a way of calming people with just a few words. Great listener and boy do I miss her. It gave me shivers when I read what you wrote. We were both very blessed to have such special people in our lives. Nan and Gran will live forever because they left behind such a wonderful legacy!

Smiles, Hugs & Cheers,