Sunday, 22 March 2009

Musical Notes

It was my daughter's friend's birthday today and although she needed a card in a hurry, she screwed her nose up at those already in my Grab'n'Go box ... sighing loudly as she flipped through them soooooooo ... obviously not that desperate then.
I gave in and ended up making one for her.

This was my brief ...
She loves music ... so could she have a music theme please?
She plays the saxophone ... so could I find a picture of a saxophone please?
She likes all things cute ... so could it include something cute?
She loves Purple ... so it has to have purple (NB: no "please" this time)

Errrrrmmmmmmm ... so I had a good old rummage around with the dusty image folders from my PSP days and I managed to put together something that was acceptable.
Phew ... what a relief!

Just a shame the same couldn't be said for the gift she wanted to buy!
We trailed around the shops this afternoon looking for Twilight DVD's because apparently her friend is a HUGE fan.
(To my shame, I've never heard of it).

Anyway, it turns out that it isn't even due for release until 6th April ... so that'll be why we had an unsuccessful shopping trip then??!!!
Still never mind ... she'll either have to have an IOU until then or I have a cute Avon manicure set if she'd like that instead.
Needless to say it was no competition LOL!

Note to self ... in future do the internet check BEFORE hitting the shops and if at all possible order online!


Ann said...

Oh Max kids who'd have em if they knew what was ahead?

Having said that mine are being angels at the minute - Laura actually cleaned up for Shelley's party (I didn't even know she knew how to do it) and Shelley rang from Blackpool this morning to say Happy Mother's Day and has promised (even though she left pressies here ) that I can have some Messy Rabbits when she gets back - ahhhhhhhhh!
So maybe they are lovely after all - well done on the card - it's a gud un!

Ann xxx

** Irene ** said...

Wow, Max gorgeous. I love the colours, fantastic.


Susan.... said...

LOL Max! the card..Twilight, is a good film,saw it quite a while ago with my girls,it was showing here in Spain, back in has a sort of cult following..the lead actor is "HOT" as my lot say...well,l suppose he is if you like those bloodshot eyes of a Vampire! LOL...
susan (saramar) x

pinkpuppy said...

That is fantastic, great make!

Tasha said...

Lol Max laughing at your daughters list! I think you deserve a medal for covering all of them - i dont think i could have - wonderful card the colour is stunning
love tasha xx

dragonflyjoy said...

Absolutely stunning Max, had a good look through the rest of your blog to catch up and all your cards are beautiful. The Easter Bunnies are so cute.

love Joyce xx

tiggertastic said...

Lovely work Max, you have got creative with the software, love the colours you have used, sarah x

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Great card, I love the colours

Chris x

Shirley said...

This is wonderful! I love the colors and the whole feeling of blues music!