Wednesday, 18 March 2009

K I S S card

This little card is an example of a 'K I S S' card.
Not the "kiss technique" which involves, inking 2 stamps and putting them together so they 'kiss' before stamping the image onto card.
No ... no .... no ..... not that!

This K I S S stands for Keep It Simple Stupid!

... a wee bitta' simple stamping
... a wee bitta' simple sticking
... a wee bitta simple doodling.

Sometimes my wee bitta' simple brain can only deal with a wee bitta' simple stuff.


Ann said...

Max your 'kiss' cards are fantastic - this does not look simple to me!!
Love your doodling.

~Ann xxx

Tasha said...

Max this is super sassy and really pretty *kiss* lol
love tasha xx

** Irene ** said...

Oh Max, your card is so fantastic and gorgeous and not so simple.

jude said...

Wow it is fabby kiss card hun simple dont look simple .Looks stunning and elegant !Hope your keeping well