Thursday, 26 February 2009

Kanban Kit

It's been All Star Craft Day on QVC today and the TSV launched at midnight, was a lovely Kanban Card Kit.

I wasn't tempted this time, but it reminded me of a previous Kanban TSV that I did indulge in last year ... or it could've even been the year before that!

The quality of these particular concept card kits is excellent but the really great thing is that all the ingredients for a classy card are included, even down to the ribbon, a choice of messages, and lovely adhesive gems.
This makes them very quick and easy for beginners or equally good for more experienced crafters when time is limited.
These 3 cards were created from only one concept sheet
Bish ...
Bash ...
Bosh ...
Jobs a Good'un !


** Irene ** said...

Max simply gorgeous, I love it, those shoes, I remember wearing them ahd have the corns to prove it. My feet would go nowhere now.


Ann said...

wow Max you did well to get three cards - mind you I reckon your bish bash bosh technique is pretty well perfected now.

Saw a lovely photo of you today - when I was not expecting it - gave me quite a shock I can tell you.

Ann xxx

jude said...

What a lovely set of cards Max stunning !Whats this photo come on tell all??? spill the beans as they

queenie said...

wow max wish i could
bish bash baosh like you,lol.
Love the colours,great cards.

Shirley said...

You are so right! They are sll so cute! and pretty too! You have a real talent for color and space too!