Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Bright 'n' Bold

This card uses some more of the Paper Cellar papers which were part of my CB prize.
The colours are really vibrant Springtime colours and you can't help but feel brighter just by seeing them spread on the table in front of you ... even if, (like me), you're feeling like "Little Miss CrabbyPants".

So do you think I should decorate the walls with them to keep me feeling bright'n'breezy ?
But then again ... that may be more stimulation than I can handle.


Tasha said...

Hey Max freat card and you are so right those colours do bring a smile to your face
love tasha xx

tracy said...

what lovely patterns anf great cards max, certainly very cheery for this time of year

queenie said...

Hello little miss crabby pants....i think not!!!!Going by the laughter when we chat...
Fantastic card you have made there,bright and cheerfull just like you,lol.
luv n hugs

** Irene ** said...

Max, the colours are gorgeous and will certainly brighten up the day.
Roll on Spring !!!!


Ann said...

Great card Max - lovely to see some bright cheerful colours.

Ann xxx

pinkpuppy said...

That is a lovely card Max love the colours you have used.

joey said...

Hi Max, your crd is so cheery, love those colours.

Christel said...

Love the colours on this card!!!!
OH did like his computer card BTW, did not have much time to dwell on it this morning as he was dashing off to work, I 'll have to wait tonight to see what he really thinks!

jude said...

Fabby card hun .Hope your feeling less like miss crabby pants ?im sure your not hope by now your feeling better
lots love n hugs judex

torpenhow07 said...

I love this card Max and you are so right those colours in the papers are bright and cheerful and make you think of Spring

Nicci said...

What a lovely bright and cheerful card, just what you need at this time of year

tiggertastic said...

Such a fun and joyful looking card you have created Little Miss CrabbyPants :)
lov ya max, you always turn a down to a up, keep high spirited, Sarah x

Shirley said...

I really love both of these and what you did with the flower hearts on the first one and the flowers and the buttons on the second!