Sunday, 15 February 2009

Birthday Bonanza

Here are the cards sent by family and friends to celebrate my birthday yesterday

Some of them even had little surprises tucked inside and it's safe to say I was absolutely blown away by the generosity and kindness of everyone ... 'Thank You All Very Much'.


camcraft said...

Oh Max. What a superb array of goregous cards :-) Glad to see mine arrived in time, made me feel heaps better now knowing it arrived in time. I hope you had a lovely day :-)
Carole x

Tasha said...

Oh max, i had no idea it was your birthday, happy belated birthday wishes. COuld you email me your addressso i can send you a card please?
oh you received lots of wonderful cards - you must have lots of fab friends
love tasha xx

Ann said...

wow Max didn't you get a lot of cards - that's cause you're special. Bet the postman thinks you are a right one. I put my card in a red envelope just to make it look more like a Valentine one - thought the postie would think you were the most popular lassie in Scotland.
Ann xxx

** Irene ** said...

Wow, Max such gorgeous cards.


torpenhow07 said...

Wow Max what a lovely array of cards you got. Hope you had a lovely day

queenie said...

woohoo Max,what lovely cards,hope you had a great day.

Glitzzy said...

Max,belated birthday wishes to you,hope you had lovely day,all your cards n stuff look fab'
Enjoy Love Maureen x

Nicci said...

Wow Max there are some lovely cards you have got there. I love getting cardsfrom crafty friends as it is wonderful to see what hey have done. I am looking fwd to opening mine on Sunday. I hope you had a beautiful day and enjoyed playing with all your crafty pressies

Shirley said...

Lucky you, to have your birthday on a love day!! Great stash you received too! All great people have their birthdays in February. Aquarians are such nice people. I am an Abraham Lincoln baby. He wasn't very good looking, but he was smart and freed the slaves in our country.