Friday, 13 February 2009

Flower Hearts

I know ... I know ... there's hearts and flowers everywhere this week, but I can get away with over indulgence because it's almost Valentine's Day ... which means it is also my birthday ... besides it's not a lovey dovey, gushy card so will suit those who're not overly romantic.

I used a small heart punch on plain and patterned paper and then layered them all to create the flower.


Ann said...

Great idea with the flower Max. I'm hooked on doing these now - makes a change to actually use the punches.

Bet you're excited for tomorrow. Good planning having a birthday on Valentine's Day - postie with think you're a real flirt.

Ann xxx

Tasha said...

Max this is such a beautiful and different card its gorgeous
love tasha xx

torpenhow07 said...

This is lovely Max, the way you have used the heart punch to create flowers is very creative. The colours are very elegant too

queenie said...

Love the colours Max and you know me love hearts.
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Max......
Happee birthday toooooo you!!!!

queenie said...

Good morning Maz you are welcome to the pressie,wishing you a fantastic day and we will catch up soon.
mwahhhhhhh kisses an hugs
How could you be so deprived...not seeing p.s i love you....have to fix that for you soon.
Thanks for the great comments on my mailbox..i know i,m just a big

** Irene ** said...

Love the card Max,

!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!


tiggertastic said...

Wow max you are so creative, the card is stunning as always, but how you have made the flowers with the hearts punch is just amazing

Sarah x