Monday, 26 January 2009

Sixes Photo Tag Challenge

The lovely Tasha tagged me the other day with a photo challenge that's doing the rounds ... so being curious ... I played along by following these rules.

"In the 6th folder, take the 6th picture and post it on your blog.
Write something about the picture.
Challenge 6 new people to join this challenge."

I opened up the 6th folder and this is the 6th piccie which made me smile as soon as I saw it as wonderful memories of a fun family day out, returned in a rush.

It is of my hubby and our 2 kiddlings enjoying the water flume ride at a theme park (the name of which escapes me right now) WAAAAAAY back in 2003.
You will not doubt recognise my photographic skills and note that sadly, they haven't improved any.

The 6 bloggy buddies I am targetting are ...

There's no pressure to join in ladies ... but if like me, you go and have a look at your snaps just out of curiosity ... then you may as well play along. It was worth doing just for the warm rush of lovely feelings ... just watch you don't get lost looking through all the folders you have like I did!.


Ann said...

oh I'm having problems with this one Max - not many photos on my computer as lost in old hard drive - I think I will have to look on a CD.

Love the photo of your two - such a happy shot.


pinkpuppy said...

That is a great photo!

queenie said...

Love the photo max it is great looking through old photos.
Thanks for tagging me,got a new computer and waiting on Rory transfering photos from the old one to this but will get to it.
luv n hugs
tracy xxx

tiggertastic said...

fantastic photo Max, thanks for sharing with us all

Sarah x

Shirley said...

What great memories you have! I love your photo skills. They are like mine!