Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Naughty Naughty !!

I'm afraid I was a naughty girl last week and did some more spending.
The TSV at QVC was just too good a bargain to miss ... (even with the addition of the dreaded P+P) ... and I needed a decent trimmer 'cos mine was just a cheapie ... so that's my defence M'lud.

This one by Purple Cow has all the decorative edges a girl could possibly need which just click into place easy peasy lemon squeazy ... and by way of a bonus, there was a pack of Coredinations card included!


** Irene ** said...

Thousands would not beleive you but I will, Keep on spendging!!!!!!!!!


Ann said...

oh it looks cute Max - anyway you shouldn't feel guilty. We all have to do our bit to prop up the economy. I am doing my best and so is Irene but we all must work together on this.
Spend spend spend I say.

Ann xxx

jude said...

Max ,it's lovely i was so tempted but id did resist.As if Ann needs encouragement to spend!!!lol
Well you always need something to cheer you up .Hope your feeling better

tiggertastic said...

oh max, i am loving your cow.

fabby new toy you have there, enjoy

Sarah x

Shirley said...

You should have fun with this!