Thursday, 29 January 2009

Second Hand Love

I did some craft recycling this afternoon and made a Valentine using parts 'donated' by family members to my recycle box ... which will no doubt soon be overflowing with Christmas cards ready for me to dissect, reassemble and give back to them LOL.

The gorgeous ribbon was originally used on a Christmas gift and the heart was cut with decorative scissors from an old Valentine's card which I kept hold of because I loved the glossy textured effect.

My new Purple Cow trimmer created the decorative edging on the background card ... and a gold metallic ink pen helps to highlight it just a little more.

Obviously, using 'recycled' components from shop bought cards to make new cards means that they can't then be sold, (or passed on to anyone else to sell), because of potentially breaching copywrite of the original card manufacturer.
But that's fine and dandy because I CAN give it to my hubby on 14th Feb ... and I may well do that if I can't come up with something I like better before then.


tiggertastic said...

Loving all the fancy edge work Max, and well done on re-using so many items.

Jimi will LOVE it, Sarah xx

Rachel said...

gorgeous card max, well done on the recycling bit...


** Irene ** said...

Gorgeous card Max, love the layout.


Maggie said...

Beautiful card Max, and what a great way of recycling, I'm sure hubby will love it. Margaret

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely Max, I'm big into recycling this year.
Twiggy x

queenie said...

woo hooo Max just been on creative inspirations blog and saw you are the guest designer..woohooodoing cartwheels in my head for you,lol.. missus the card is fantastic!you deserve it a well needed boost for you.
luv n hugs

Shirley said...

How very elegant! I love the trim around the heart, tag, and that bow is just outstanding too!