Monday, 16 June 2008

Tilda & Co. Challenge 24

I decided to open one of my new Magnolia stamps and have a play this afternoon.
I thought ... what better way to try it out than to enter this week's Tilda & Co. challenge ... Hmmmmmmmmmm.
I'm not so sure it was a good idea as this week the theme is 'Serendipity'.
Check out the Tilda & Co. website for an explanation and examples.

In my crafty naivety, I thought it would be easy peasy so dug out my scrap paper box and proceeded to tear and rip with glee.
I glued all the bits'n'pieces randomly onto orange card with relish, then set it aside to dry. Then, I stamped and gold embossed willy nilly all over the mosaic mess, in an effort to produce a workable base to chop into small pieces and use in a creative way.

Do you know what???

It turned out to be much harder than I imagined to actually create something I was remotely happy with ...
However, I didn't give up and did eventually come up with a result which I shall enter and see what happens ... and maybe I need to have a little more practice at this technique.

The Magnolia stamp was paper pieced with bits left over from the mosaic too but I reckon next time I will play safe and just use watercolour pens as originally intended.


louise said...

Turned out great!!! Well worth the hard work you put in.

Jules said...

well I love it :-)

Lauren said...

I love it too!

Lauren xx

Anonymous said...

lovely card

Debbie said...

Great card. Really pretty.

Debbie x

tiggertastic said...

Oh, this is pretty, i like her hair, very creative.

Good luck in the challenge