Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Agony! Creativity!! Panic!!!

The Agony
Yesterday I woke up to an outbreak of my horrid skin condition Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Don't worry I won't be showing photos but if you decide to google for information, then be warned ... it isn't for the squeamish!
When it's bad like this I can hardly walk and definitely can't drive so no work for me. I'm still in agony so am popping painkillers and hoping that regular salt baths will have an effect soon.

The Creativity
As I was unable to go to work, I thought I'd make a start on a couple of challenges.
The Ribbon Challenge at Ooh~La~La Creations of course and this month's challenge at the MSN card group is to make a Spinner Card.

I need some Father's Day cards for Sunday and also need an 18th Birthday card for my son for Saturday ...

so I managed to combine Spinners with Ribbons and made one Father's Day card and an 18th Birthday card so not bad really considering I had to do them standing up. Sorry about the reflection in the gold mirri card. One day I'll manage to get a decent picture.

The Panic

My 12 year old daughter was representing her school at an Inter school Track and Field Event today in Dunfermline, just as she did last week and the week before. This is an out of school activity for which we have to give written permission before she can participate. They were due to return at approximately 4pm so I expected her home about 4.15pm as she has the last 2 Wednesdays ... but she didn't arrive.
By 5pm I was getting anxious and called the school to make enquiries about when they had returned but got no reply. I tried calling her friends but no one else had been involved in the sports event, so they hadn't seen her all day.
Hubby repeatedly went down to school and back over the next hour hoping to get some information but the only staff member he saw couldn't help and I continued to phone the school hoping someone would answer ... no joy.

By 6pm I was frantic ... she was 2 hours overdue and we only live a 10 minute walk from school. We didn't know what else to do so hubby called the police. They took details and tried unsuccessfully to contact the keyholder at the school to see if they could get any information.
At 6.30pm hubby once again went out to see if he could find her and went back down to the school. You can imagine his relief when he saw the coach pulling into the car park. Panic over and she is safe ... thank goodness ... but I am furious that no one from school made any attempt to inform parents that the children were going to be late back and rest assured there will be a strong letter of complaint landing on the Rector's desk very soon.
The police were also very surprised that the school had been so inconsiderate and hadn't even posted a notice on the entrance to let people know what was happening, but were pleased that she was home safe and sound ... AND they didn't make us feel like paranoid parents who were wasting their time, but treated our concerns seriously.


Wendi said...

Hi Max love your ideas the dad card is lovely especially that background paper and thank you for entering our challenge

Boots the Monkey (Jo) said...

Love your cards Max. Very clever.

Sequin Bead said...

Max I am so very sorry to hear of this. It truly is indesplicable of the school not to inform the parents they'll be late! Pleased to hear that Naomi is safe and well!


twiggypeasticks said...

Love your cards, boo to your daughters school that is sooooo inconsiderate. Hope your hands get better soon.
Twiggy x

Ann said...

oh wow Max those are brilliant.
Ann xxx

Cazzy said...

I love the Father's day cards, need to make mine. Great use of ribbons on the 18th too!

twiggypeasticks said...

Why did I think your hands hurt - durr, hope you're soon feeling better Max :)

Bronwyn Bell said...

Glad your daughter is safe - reading that brought back memories of the sad tragic event that happened with my former neighbours school a few months ago when they were out on a trip that hit headlines worldwide.

Your cards are great!