Monday, 20 April 2009

**Eggstravaganza Winner #9**

I wonder if sweet Fern has stopped bouncing around after her win yesterday LOL! Bless her little cotton socks. Her poor mum probably wondered what the heck was going on! Hope she's just as excited when she receives her goodies.

Soooooooooo ....
Let's see if we can maybe provoke a wee skip from today's winner ...


Please e~mail me your chosen number and address details within 24 hours and I shall reveal your prize on the board.

Ayelet selected #2
A Set of 3 Wood Mounted Rose Stamps
Your prize will be in the post tomorrow.
Congratulations and thank you for playing xx


Ann said...

Congratulations - will pop back later to see your prize.

Love to see those prizes revealed - how sad are we all gonna be when the last one is opened?

Ann xxx

** Irene ** said...

Congratulations Ayelet, hope you enjoy your prize.


queenie said...

Skip i di doo daa skippedy day my oh my what a beautiful day,lol!!
Congratulations Ayelet enjoy your prize,happee crafting.
Hi Max hiho hiho it`s off to work i go.......

Susan.... said...

Congratulations Ayelet...lucky lady! enjoy your prize
susan x

weewiccababe said...

congrats Ayelet - Max, this is eggs-cruciating xx

Craftyanny said...

Congrats Ayelet, enjoy your goodies
Anne x

June said...

Congrats ayelet, and hiya everyone. I am late here today just been so busy feeling sorry for meself cos i fell off a chair lol and hurt my bum ... oh the embarassment is nearly as bad as the bruises lol.
Have a lovely night max and all
Hugs June xxx

jude said...

congratulations hope to see which number youve picked will pop back later.

Ayelet said...

WOW!!!! Thanks! I'm so excited!!!! Will send you my address right away.
Gee, I NEVER win those things!

Thank you Max for the chance!!!!

Max said...

You can't say that now Ayelet LOL!
Enjoy your prize.


Swedie said...

These will be great to use for Mothers Day! Congratulations.


Ayelet said...

Oh!!! I love the stamps!!!! They are soooo beautiful!!!
Thanks again and again! :)))

(and to think that I was so close to miss the deadline...LOL)