Saturday, 25 April 2009

**Eggstravaganza Winner #14**

It's the Final Countdown
... with only 3 numbers left on the prize board ...
I think I'll be quite sad when the game is finished as it's been great fun.

BUT ... I am planning to do a Christmas Advent version of the game, so hopefully you'll all come back to play along ... maybe some of you will pop back before then to say 'Hi' ... that would be nice.
On to business ...

The lucky winner on this beautiful sunny Saturday is ...

Crafty Dawn

Please e~mail me your chosen number and address details within 24 hours and I shall reveal your prize on the board.

Crafty Dawn chose #4

Prima Flower Embellishments and Brad Selection
Your prize will be in the post on Monday.
Congratulations and thanks for playing.


** Irene ** said...

Congratulations Crafty Dawn, enjoy your prize.


lilacanglia said...

Congratulations Dawn,

Thank you so much Max,
Have a super weekend,

Regina said...

hello Max
thank you for your price of your Blog Candy! It's great, fantastic!
Sorry, I cann't write a e-mail because I have always problems with my PC.
many greetings from Germany

Craftyanny said...

Congrats Dawn, can't wait to see what you choose
Anne x

Sassy Scrapin' said...

Congrats to Dawn! Maybe I will win in the next two days! :-)

Susan.... said...

Congratulations Dawn ! enjoy your prize...
susan X

Ayelet said...

Congrats to the winner!
Max, your game is great and I'm looking forward to the next one :-)

surely we'll pop by beforehand!
Have a great weekend!

weewiccababe said...

congrats Crafty Dawn, it will be sad when all this ends Max - but we'll "soldier" on (gerrit, boiled egg and soldiers!! boom boom)
and I'll certainly be back plenty before xmas

Crafty Dawn said...

Hey, I've won I don't believe it how wonderful thank you max for doing this wonderful prize draw. I so greatful to win, may I have number 4 as we are in the 4th month.

Love Dawn xx

Queenie said...

Congrats Crafty Dawn woohoo fab prize enjoy your prize when it arrives.
What we all gonna do when this ends Max?????sniff sniffle.....
Hope your having a good weekend,off to get ready for the christening..catch you later and mind behave yourself!!lol

tracy said...

congratulations dawn

sounds a brill idea the christmas advent max, i pop in your blog most days as its so inspirational
lol tracy

Anonymous said...

Congrats Dawn, you lucky girl! >:0)

Crafty Dawn said...

Oh My what a lovely prize wonderful. I'm so greatful to Maxine for this FAB prize draw and you can bet I'll be back again and again.

I can see from all the comments on your work that you are well loved (not just for the wonderful draw's you do!)but a valued member to the crafting community.

And thank you for all your genuine congrats. I'm a very lucky girl lol

Love Dawn xx

something good to look forward to in the post this week ;-)

Max said...

Awww Dawn ... I'm so pleased you like your prize.
You make me blush saying all those nice things. Thank you very much xxx


Max said...

Thank you Tracy, I really appreciate knowing that you're a regular visitor:)
Just hope that I'll be able to produce something nice for you to look at when this game is finished ... gulp!

Hope the christening went well Queenie ... speak soon xx


Crafty Dawn said...

looking at your past creations you needn't worrk looking forward to seeing your creativity.

Love Dawn xx