Friday, 29 April 2011


Unfortunately, despite all my best efforts to juggle the calender over the last few weeks, I was forced to admit defeat ... and reluctantly had to send our apologies to Will and Kate explaining that we're unable to attend their wedding today.
Obviously, they're absolutely gutted but understand that Naomi's ten pin bowling tournament in Inverness this weekend had to take priority.   With the best will in the world, we simply couldn't be in two places, at opposite ends of the country, at the same time.   I just HATE disappointing people - don't you?  LOL!
Talking of disappointing! 
Well ... that just about sums up my efforts (or lack of!) for this week's Bah! Humbug! Challenge as I haven't finished my DT example.  Shocking I know!
Obviously my head's been somewhere it probably shouldn't have been ... and the week just ran away, leaving me behind!  So sincere apologies to Ann, Kelly and Veronica who have thankfully been far more concientious and produced some lovely projects for our Pleats and Ruffles Challenge.   Why don't you pop over to take a peek? ... and while you're there check out the surprise we have on offer to celebrate the Royal Wedding!   
*Really wish we could've been there but ... SIGH.*   Hopefully the hat will come in handy for another occasion ... maybe Lizzies' Summer Garden Party at Bucks Pally lol!
OK - Back to reality lol!
We're still enjoying some gorgeous sunshiney weather and it's lovely to see the garden coming alive again although there's some serious tidying up needing done out there.  Unfortunately the heavy snow we had over the winter caused devastation to the yucca that I had been bragging about last Summer when it was in full flower and looking very impressive SEE HERE.   As there doesn't appear to be any sign of life, (despite all my pleading with it), I fear hubby is going to have to set about it with a chainsaw to remove it.   That'll be a sad day as it's been there a long time and will leave a huge gap in the garden.   We'll check it for any vital signs when we return from Inverness ... but at the moment it's not looking promising at all.
Righty-O ... I'm late for an appointment with my pillow so will toddle off for now and see you on Sunday sometime.
Take care and enjoy the weekend, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.    
MWAH xxx


Aquarius said...

Have a good time in Inverness and will be looking out for your DT card in due course.

tiggertastic said...

Morning max you do make me giggle hun. best of luck to Naomi for this weekend

sarah x

Erin (CelticCrafter) said...

Max! Long time, no "see"! I am soo happy to "see" you crafting again! Hope you are all healed up now!

As promised, I did not try to overdo it (for fear of the hounds). I'm still not well, but am slowly starting to create. Finally! I have been helping mom out, though as you know she really doesn't need it! (We are our own worst critics.) Anywho, I miss playing with you all and hope to join in this week!

P.S. I love my peel-offs! ;D

Ann said...

The card you sent Laura is totally stunning and your Bah! Humbug! - well it blew me away. You got your mojo back big time girl.
Ann xxx

DonnaMundinger said...

Max, you totally crack me up! I'm quite sure Willy and Kate are totally devastated, though. xxD