Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Birthday Books

A possible way to ensure the Bind-It-All I recently bought earns it's keep, is to make and sell Birthday Books or JournalsObviously there would need to be careful selection of any images used so as to comply with individual artist's Terms of Use but that's something that has to be considered for any product you intend to sell.

A birthday book, in particular, is a very handy item to have sitting on your desk as a reminder of all the special annual celebrations you would hate to miss ... or maybe that should say daren't miss ... AND unlike a diary or calendar, it doesn't need to be replaced or rewritten every year.
You simply update it whenever there's a new birthday or anniversary to remember ... much simpler don't you think?
Obviously, the nicest thing of all is that they can be personalised to an individual's taste so would make a perfect gift with a practical use.
It's definitely something I will be considering as a possible way of funding my little hobby.


Ann said...

Well your first customer is over the moon with her purchases Max. Laura came home last night and was just so amazed by these books. She thought you would do ones exactly the same as my birthday gift so got such a fab surprise when hers were different and sooooooooooo bang on for her and her friend's personality.
She loved them - the skull one came out tops for Elaine.
I still love mine by the way - your book idea business is a good one. Hope you find some more buyers.
Ann xxx
oh forgot to say over the phone during the confessional - I bought the sheet of stamps from LOTV that I resisted at the first show. It was just too much to see them again and I needed them for Bah! Humbug! LOL what an excuse!

Aquarius said...

This is a great idea and your B-it-A will earn its keep.


Hi Max - love the birthday book idea -the ones you have made are fabulous.
Hugs, Sylvia xx

Tasha said...

Wow Max such an awesome idea and design, loving the funky colours
love tasha xx