Monday, 8 March 2010


At last!
I've finally got around to uploading the photos taken on my recent visit to York, where I spent a week with fellow Bah Humbuggers, Ann and Irene. 
We had a wonderful time together and are already eagerly anticipating our 2011 meet.
I had to 'steal' the photo of us together from Ann as none of mine were useable.

Pictured from left to right : Irene, Ann and moi
We were eating at a local Italian restaurant called Bella Italia and, judging from the look of horror on his face, I think I scared the waiter when I asked if there were any 'Italian Stallions' on the menu LOL!  Whoops!
After fabulously delicious main courses, the girls decided to order a sweet called The Godfather after recommendations from Ann's daughter. 
I didn't indulge in the chocolate frenzy but enjoyed seeing it go from this ....

... to this in about 3 minutes ... 
AND they didn't spill a drop!!
From there we hit a busy bar called Evil Eye, where they serve the most amazing and outrageous sounding cocktails I've ever seen.
We kind've bottled out and stuck with safe ones but there were some on the list that would definitely give you brain damage at the very least.  Not something I need any help with, as I'm sure Ann and Irene will testify to.
The weather was pretty fair considering the time of year, which meant we had plenty of opportunity to toddle around the shops and spend money...
... some of us found it harder to restrain the impulse to buy more than others - but I'm not telling you who was worst LOL!  
We managed to consume a fair amount of this ... during our stay and I think the local Sainsbury's probably had record sales that week.  Aren't we naughty?
You will be pleased to hear though that our creativity did get an airing too and here is a wee parade of our cards.
 And we also did the tour of this amazing piece of architecture - it is absolutely magnificent and if you ever visit York it is a definite 'Must-See'.
So there you have it ... a condensed look into our YorkFest jollies.
Bet you wish you could've been there.


Cambiel said...

You bet I wish I had been there too! It all sounds right up my street! :-)

Glad you all had such a fantastic time; and didn't you all do well to get so many cards made amongst all the jolly goings on :-)

Liz said...

looks fab who bwho on the pic u did not say tho ive kinda guessed lol loveky to see you had a great time and thats one of my fave wines too lol

liz xx

Beads n bits said...

Wow Max,
Oh how I wish I'd known you crafty lot were in York, how long did you come for?
It would have been great to have met up with you all.
It looks like you had a really good time.
The photos of York are splendid, and your collection of makes look absolutely fantastic.
Shirley, X.X.X.

Ann said...

oh didn't we have a good time - wish we could go again next week!!!
Apparently Evil Eye are opening another bar but it's a top secret location at the minute.
Ann xxx

twiggypeasticks said...

We spend so much time in York it really is fab isn't it ?? Twiglet loves the train museum, I love the shops and architecture and Mr Twigs loves the beer and pubs - something for everyone !!! Glad you had fun.
twiggy x

dragonflyjoy said...

Thanks Max for the lovely photos. Looks as if you had a fabulous if exhausting time. The photos of York came out great and the cards were wonderful - two of which I recognise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All that food, I bet none of you have been near the scales since you got back but then it's only once now and then so what the heck.

Speak soon

love and hugs

Joyce xx

Queenie said...

Lol,sounds like you all had an amazing time Max!!!!
You all even managed to do some crafting,lol.

Irene said...

Oh Max, these photos are fabby, and YES, YES we had a fantastic time.
Roll on next year !!!! Unfortunately I still have my photos to download, - how bad am I - please don't answer.


Aquarius said...

Looks as if you had a wonderful time and made some cards too - well done.

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh Max! What a fabby holiday! You look like my kinda gals! Can I come next time? I'll bring the wine. LOL xxD

Susan.... said...

Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos of your trip !
Glad you all had a sucha special time ! fabulous cards too !
Susan x

Crafty Dawn said...

Love York go a few times a year I love the shops too! Kath Kidson shop yummy!

Love Dawn