Tuesday, 2 March 2010

March Already!

... screeched in my best Victor Meldrew voice!
Despite my incredulous disbelief I've been assured that  
'Yes'... it is March already and 
'No' ...we can't press pause to wait for me to catch up. 
It must've been that week in York with Ann and Irene that confused me.  Thanks ladies - it was an absolute hoot!  Must upload those photos.

Anyway ... back to March ...
I'm never first in the queue for information and you've all probably known this for years, but I've only just discovered that March is celebrated as National Craft Month across the pond.  
I think it would be a fantastic idea if we UK crafters show our support and help them celebrate.  
As if we need an excuse ... hahahahaha!
So basically - this means that whenever you get an inkling to play, whatever your 'crafty poison' happens to be, you have permission ... NAY ... a DUTY to indulge in that creativity (or even try something completely different),  as much as you like, for the whole month of March!  How cool is that? 
Sounds great in theory doesn't it?
Anyway ... just thought I'd let you know.
Before I shoot off, I'd like to show you the ballerina birthday card which I made for my niece.

She celebrated her 13th Birthday on the day I left for York so I was unable to show it earlier.

I started with an 8" x 8" square cream card and with the help of a beautiful ballerina topper, (which I tittivated with glitter glue), foiled cardstock from a Kanban kit and some gorgeous glitter card, managed to put this together for her. 
Her mum says she absolutely loved it ... and knowing that is one of the reasons why I love dabbling in papercraft so much. 
Appreciation really is priceless.  Thank you xxx.

Now where's that camera with those York snaps?


tracy said...

OMG sure i heard that screech here, my ears are ringing. lol

Ann said...

Oh Max this is absolutely gorgeous. Amazing image and well a beautiful card.
I've celebrated craft month today - spent loads check out this site for Nellie Snellen dies...
and gorgeous border punches at only £3.95 - postage is £3 so you have to order a lot to make it worthwhile. Tee hee.
Ann xxx

Ann said...

I've just left a comment but I lost it. Fantastic card Max and thanks for thumbs up on Craft month - good excuse to spend.
Check out this site...
Had it recommended - Nellie Snellen dies at good price - postage £3 but loads of stuff to throw in trolley.
Ann xxx

Carol Ann said...

It's a beautiful birthday card Max I love the picture of the ballerina. I'm sure your Niece must have loved it.

Craft month sounds like a good idea it would be great if we could have a months paid leave from work as well to indulge in all things crafty :)

Carol Ann xx