Monday, 21 September 2009

Still Here ...

Huge thanks to all who have contacted me recently wondering where I've been hiding. It's nice to know you've missed me and I'm really sorry for worrying you unnecessarily.
I've just had a bit of a 'Kidney Problem' over the last wee while ... I just 'kidney be bothered' ... and it seems to be affecting my crafting, blogging, and even general day to day stuff.

Hopefully it's just a temporary state of affairs and this week will see an improvement.
Am going to visit a few blogs over the next few days to see if that gets my motivation going again ... I'm sure it will.
Thanks again for caring so much xxx

**Edited to Add**
"Kidney Be" = "Couldn't Be" ... with a Scottish accent.


Lilacanglia said...

Glad to see you back in blogland,
hope your mojo gets back up and running soon,
Look forward to seeing your creativeness back,

jude said...

Oh Max so sorry to hear youve not been well,thought id missed you blogging and not seen any fantastic creations from your talented self.Do hope you feel better soon and your kidney probs clear up as fast as they arrived .
sending hugs and get well wishes
love judex

Liz said...

Nice to see you pot Max We all go through these stages from time to time
Liz xx

Max said...

Awww thatnks ladies.

Jude hun. Sorry if I confused you with my silly play on words. I'm not ill ... kidney be = couldn't be with a Scottish accent. =)


dragonflyjoy said...

Hi Max I'm so sorry to hear you have not been well. Kidney problems can be very painful I know and they drag you down. Do hope you are feeling much better and in the meantime taking things easy!!!!!!!!!.

Love and hugs

Joyce xxx