Thursday, 10 September 2009

Checking In ...

Sorry I haven't been around blogland much this week but have had a bit of a head cold that won't shift and so can't stay in front of the screen for too long before feeling 'icky.
Am barking like a seal too so someone's going to throw me some fish if I'm not careful LOL!

Haven't managed any crafting either but maybe by the weekend I'll feel more like getting out the paper and sticky stuff.
Also been busy getting Niall's stuff moved through to Edinburgh and somehow the normal weekly schedule just seems to have gone to pot ... I'm putting the disorganisation down to my thick head and hoping next week will be better LOL!

Hubby came home on Monday but has tootled off down to Kettering this morning to attend an Annual Sports Car Show where he is going to be in his element surrounded by loads of luvverly MR2's ... and will of course proudly show off his own rather fabby specimen.
It's not often he's able to attend because the dates usually fall when he's offshore so it would've been a bit cruel not to let him go ... wouldn't it?
Here's a piccy of his little baby ... isn't she pretty? This is one of the photo's taken when it was featured on Fifth Gear recently.
Anyway ... just wanted to touch base with you all and let you know I'm still around.



Lilacanglia said...

Aww, I do hope your feeling better real soon, missing seeing your super cards,
Nice car, hope hubby has a great time at the show,

jude said...

Hope your feeling better soon see you won the candy on the blog hop so hopefully that cheered you up hun.
take card hugs judex

Crafting Joanne said...

Ahhh Max, sorry to hear you're still feeling a bit poorly. You take good care of yourself.


Joanne x

Jules said...

Hi Max

I hope you are feeling a bit better soon.

Take care

Love Jules xx

dragonflyjoy said...

Hi Max, don't know what happened but I put a longish message on here yesterday when I read you had a rotten cold and about Jimi going to his Sports Car Rally but nothing seems to have come up. Also remember seeing another message from Carole but this does not seem to have come up either. Anyway, just to let you know we on C.A. have not ignored you or wished you "get well soon".

Love and hugs

Joyce xx

Queenie said...

Hey Max sending hugs and get well wishes your way.
Take care