Sunday, 2 November 2008

A Wee Flurry & Other Stuff

It's been another busy week with lots of tail chasing going on in an effort to complete the 1st batch of Xmas card orders for my boss.
There are 60 completed cards so far and I have an order for another 20 to fill. I really enjoy making them but being gate fold cards, they are quite time consuming to make, especially as they all need gold or silver tissue lined boxes.
Needless to say the floor space comes in handy when I have a batch of boxes and lids piled up waiting for the glue to dry.
(A wee tip I have learned is not to stack them too high or the ones on the bottom buckle!)

I wonder whether it was wise to offer 9 different patterns ... hmmmmm .... hindsight is a wonderful thing and maybe in future I should offer a more limited choice.

Monday of last week was a nightmare for my wee girl as she was up all night being violently ill. Not sure if it was a 24 hour tummy bug or food poisoning ... not my cooking I hasten to add! The house smelled strongly of bleach and Dettol all day Tuesday and I was tripping round like a half shut knife all day! By Thursday she was bright as a button again ... aren't kids powers of recovery amazing?

Today was spent at Hollywood Bowl at Bargeddie, near Glasgow, where Naomi was ten pin bowling in the final Ranking Tournament of the season. Unfortunately, she didn't play very well and was too upset to stay for the presentation. She's always been very competitive and consequently too hard on herself sometimes. Hopefully her previous tournament scores will be enough to keep her in the Top 10, which will mean she may get an opportunity to play for Scotland in the U16's Scottish Squad 2009 ... but if not then there's always next year as she is only 13. Will let you know when the final rankings are announced.

I did manage a little crafting other than the Xmas orders in the form of a birthday card for a very special friend (but as I know she reads my blog I can't show that yet) ... sorry!

I can offer a wee sneaky peek though and when the card is safely delivered I shall do a full reveal.

Something I can show in it's entirety, is a little pack of cards I made for the 'Grab'n'Go box.
I haven't added sentiments on them yet but an appropriate message can be popped on as I use them.

The papers are from the Papermania Spring Life stack .... yes I know it's Autumn now but hey ho ... they're pretty and I like them.

For those who managed to read this far ... 'Thank You for persevering' ... hope I haven't bored you witless with my ramblings.


Jane said...

Max these cards are beautiful, and I love the sneek peek ;) can't wait to see the rest of it.
That spring paper is so pretty!

Ultramum said...

You've been really busy. Shame your lass didn't play as well as usual - life can deliver some hard knocks and disappointments but that doesn't help at the time :-(

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog - as you can see I am now able to access blogger comments again!!! Seems to be a weekend thing - think I shall have to change my blog reading day!

Ann said...

Max how on earth are you fitting all this in?? love the grab and go cards!

Ann xxx

tiggertastic said...

Let me just pick myself of the floor - 60 Cards !!! You must have been doing 24 hour shifts hun. I am so pleased to hear that you have lots of orders, cause lots of orders means more crafting money, plus you get to use your rather flashy new crafting space.

I am so sorry to hear that your lovely Naomi was poorly last week and getting upset about her bowling at the weekend as well, bless her. I hope she is feeling much better heath wise and the bowling , she is a fantastic player and at just 13 has a special talent. Fingers crossed she is in the top 10, if not like you say she has next year.

What a very pretty birthday card, the colours are so soft and elegant, and I love the edge and bow.

Your set of 4 cards are a excellent theme the birds work well for so many occasions, birthday, get well, thinking of you etc etc.

And “NO” you never bore me, hugs, Sarah xx
p.s printed out your PM, so will have a little read in bed with my cuppa tonight