Thursday, 20 November 2008

Sally's Stamp Giveaway! Day 11

Oooooh My Giddy Aunt!
Almost missed Day 11 ... where does the time go?

Sally's stamp giveaway over at Bootiful Stampz is still running.
She is offering one lucky visitor a free stamp EVERY DAY until the end of November!
All you have to do is add your name to the comment list and post her link on your blog every day to go in the daily draw and qualify for a chance to win a stamp.
You've got to be 'Innit To Winnit'.


Sally said...

Hi!! You have won a Bootiful Stampz please contact me with your details :)

Ann said...

Yeah Max you won you won you won!!!!!

yeah quick get over there to say thank you.

Ann xxx

Max said...

I really should read my comments before I post new messages.
I'm so chuffed Sally. Thank you.