Friday, 15 February 2008

My Birthday

Yesterday as you all know, was Valentine's Day and I always get loads of cards! Not because I have hundreds of lovestruck admirers ..... sigh ..... but because it is also my birthday. Here are some of the handmade cards I received from my special friends at CA (you all know who you are) ...

... and also the cards from my new friends from the Crafts Beautiful forum. I was totally blown away at the time and effort everyone put into making my day so very special. They are all individual works of art and I thank you very much.

Here is the card I made for my husband for Valentine's Day. I like the turquoise, black and gold as a change from the more traditional red and pinks. Inside were the ELO concert tickets ... we are all really looking forward to that on 21st March at the Edinburgh Playhouse.


Jules {Creative Makes} said...

Wow, what a lucky lady you are. Some gorgeous cards you have there, from some obviously talented ladies (ahem, me included of course *wink*)

Max said...

LOL Jules ... you were very sneaky posting your tag card on your blog and discreetly hiding the name. Lucky me to have been the one who received it in the post for my birthday.