Monday, 25 July 2011


Have had a busy weekend and didn't realise that Mr. Blogger hadn't shown my latest Bah! Humbug! card ... maybe he thought it just wasn't worth the effort, but I'm going to defy him and show you anyway lol!
The theme this week is 'Beads' and to be honest they're not something I use often, if at all, so this was a tricky week for me ... I wasn't even sure I had any of the pesky little blighters in my stash.  However, as I've discovered many times in the past, if you look long enough and hard enough then eventually you will find and I was lucky to come across these silver stars complete with beads in a little craft box tucked away at the back of a shelf.   I think they were actually salvaged from a Christmas Cracker many moons ago ... a perfect example of why you should NEVER throw anything away!
Then it was a simple case of glueing them in a curve onto a white linen card, adding a peel off greeting and a stamped silhouette reindeer decorated with sparkly gems and trimmed with deckle-edged scissors.   
Another easy peasy card which came together really quickly once I eventually had all the bits'n'pieces together ... handy when you're in 'chasing your tail' mode!
Fellow Humbugger Ann and our Guest Designers Abi and Kathy K have been much more inventive than I have, so take a look and then tootle off to do your own thing with beads.  Have fun!


Judie said...

Evening Max,
Great card, love the colors really nice.
Happy crafting and BahHumbug

Aquarius said...

Great card - certainly worth showing and another one to add to your growing collection

Ann said...

Naughty Mr Blogger - of course it was worth showing - your cards always are. You never fail to amaze me with your biff bash bosh techniques.
Ann xxx

DonnaMundinger said...

I know I came to peek at this but it wasn't there. Beautiful card, Max. Now get today's on here! LOL xxD