Friday, 14 January 2011

Bah! Humbug! #2

Today is Bah! Humbug! Challenge day and I'm running even later than usual with my DT card after having a wee fight with black ice on Wednesday, whilst in Edinburgh.  Unfortunately, I lost.  
YESSIRREE - I broke my wrist ... *cue violins* ... LOOK!
Amazingly, although I was obviously in agony, not one single person offered to help me up or collect my belongings, (which were strewn across the pavement).  NOT ONE!  Maybe they thought I was practicing some strange dance moves or something while writhing around in agony on the wet pavement, desperately trying not to cry, scream or swear - but they didn't applaud my performance so it can't have been that.  It's a classic example of people not wanting to get involved I suppose.  Anyway ... I eventually managed to gather everything together myself and got a taxi back to the dealership garage where our car was being serviced and they called an ambulance to take me to A+E.
Apparently it was quite a nasty break - wrists aren't supposed to be 'S-shaped' - and although it's still quite painful, I did manage to make a card for this week's Stencil Challenge thanks to a steady supply of painkillers.
I used the Fiskars Shapeboss, kindly given to me by my fellow Humbugger Ann when we were in York last February.    
As the design I wanted to use was on one of the small miniboss stencils,  I could only use the orange pegs to hold it in place on one side. The other side was taped firmly to the board and the linen card was sandwiched between the 2 stencil sections.   I then embossed around the design with the stylus.  Easy Peasy ... Lemon Squeezy!  Even one-handed!
Then I flipped the card and stencil over and inked over the embossed areas with Dew Drop Pearl Sky Blue inkpad.  The final touch was going over the design with stickles to add some sparkle.  When this dried I cut around the design with decorative scissors and matted it onto blue and then silver card, leaving a narrow border, before adhering the panel slightly to the left of centre, on the card front.  
A sparkly peel off greeting fills the bottom corner and a trio of matching snowflakes fill the bare space ... and also cover a couple of inky finger marks but don't tell anyone ... tee hee.
There are some fabulous stencil projects being shared over at Bah! Humbug, so you should treat yourself to a look ... and if you'd like to join in with us this week, then we'd be more than pleased to see how creative you are with stencils.  
Now I have to go for a wee lie down as all this one handed typing is quite tiring.


Fiona said...

Ouch, Max! That is very hard (no, I don't mean the pavement.....) that no one came to help you.....maybe your locality is full of over imbibers of falling down water and they thought you were one of them?! Joking apart, I hope you get better very quickly (and would strongly recommend 1x 500mg tablet of Vitamin C every day, which promotes bone growth).

Pretty card - and no possible excuse for the rest of us, is there!

DonnaMundinger said...

OMG, you poor thing! and I can't believe you still managed to do a gorgeous card for the challenge. Those onlookers should be ashamed of themselves not coming to your aid. I can't bellieve it! Hope you mend quickly, my dear. Take care! xxD

Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh No Max, get well soon, What a nightmare for you. How terrible it is that no one stopped to help you.
Love the One Handed card.

You look after yourself
Love Hazelxox

Susan.... said...

Hi Max,
What a nightmare for you ! l do hope the pain eases up soon..sending you lots of soft hugs X

Love what you have done with this card..very pretty colours too !

Susan x

Aquarius said...

Well done for making this card with a broken wrist - how bad that no-one came to your rescue though. I hope it soon recovers and isn't too painful in the meantime. Off to look through my stencil collection to see if I have anything seasonal.

the crafty duck said...

Ah Max, OUCH, that must be sooo painful, I'm very impressed you managed to get a card made, thats true dedication I think! Love your card, the deer are fab and love the colour too, hope your wrist is better soon, lots of love Steph

Debs said...

Wow what a fab card. I can't believe you managed to do all this with a fractured wrist. Hope it doesn't take too long to heal. Best wishes Debs xx

Beryl said...

Remind me not to visit Edinburgh - it's full of really insensitive, unhelpful people by the sound of it.Hope the wrist heals quickly. You'd never guess this card was a one handed effort - it's gorgoues - I love all the sparkly stuff.
Beryl xx

weewiccababe said...

OMG - I can't believe nobody helped you, that's disgraceful. Not that it's any excuse but they must've thought you were drunk or something
lovely card quine - can't believe you managed that with a broken wrist
get better soon quine

starcyl said...

I am in agreement with everyone else with my disbelief that not a soul came to help you, that is awful. Don't know how you managed to do such a great card but am so glad you did it's really pretty and sparkly. I will have to go away and think about what to do, can't be outdone by a one handed person can I? Keep taking the pain killers and I hope you mend soon.
Jenny xx

Ann said...

Max I can't believe you managed the shapeboss one handed and made this fab card. Just shows how talented you are.
I'm still in shock about you falling - big gentle hugs and tons of love coming your way.
No doing too much - you need to get better for spring and the annual Humbuggers meet up.
Ann xxx

Max said...

Thank you for all your kind messages. I have been told that the ploy of feigning illness and then robbing people who come to help,is a tactic used by street robbers, so that might explain the reluctance to help ... on the other hand they may have just thought I'd over indulged with 'jolly juice' and so deserved to be lying on the wet pavement lol! Anyway ... it's done now and let's hope it heals properly and speedily with no lasting damage.

Kim Dellow said...

Oh Max, Max, Max! You poor thing just awful. Get better really, really quickly. You take care and get all fixed. Big Fixing hugs! Kim

jude said...

Im afraid to sday thats what this country is coming to.People dont help these days not even when you fall incase it's a set up!Anyways hopefully it will be slightly less painful.have you got cast on as it just looks like tubi grip?You will be visitng the trauma clinic for few weeks ,hopefully your had wrist will be like new once sorted.Weldone you for making a card too.!Great start to new year hun!
love n hugs judex

Max said...

I know Jude - it's sad isn't it?
It's not a cast like a traditional one, it's called a 'back slab' I think and it's a solid support placed on the arm and wrist which is then covered in wadding and wrapped with bandage to hold in place. Presume it is temporary until they x-ray it again Tuesday.

Erin (CelticCrafter) said...

I was wondering if I was raised in such a bizzare way that I instantly would've helped anyone I saw fallen, but thankfully I'm not the only one! I sincerely hope you're feeling better and that you heal up as fast as you can say, "Super Califragilisticespialidocious!" (phew) :)

Erin (CelticCrafter) said...

Beautiful card BTW! And one-handed; that's quite a feat!

Christine B. said...

Hi Max, hope you wrist gets better soon. Aweful to say But nobody seems to care about anyone else any more. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Hugs x chrisB

Tasha said...

AH Max, i hope you arent in pain! I hope it heals quickly.
I offered to help a lady who fell on the ice just before christmas, she went mental at me - saying she could do it herself! I am very shy so that outburst really made me embarrassed! I must admit it puts me off offering help again!

I cant believe thats a one handed card its so beautiful, love the glitter!
love tasha xx

the crafty duck said...

Hi Max Get Well Soon, hope you are recovering after your op, take care lots of love Steph

Janie Printz said...

Well if you aren't a great example for what one can accomplish when you set your mind to it ... Beautiful card & how you did it using one hand is beyond me. I have trouble doing that with 2 hands ... I know people hate to get involved but surely they could see you were in need of help ... I'm ashamed of them but glad you were able to get a cab & get help yourself. Wonderful job on the card & pleased to "meet" a fellow crafter with your talent (:
Hugs, Janie

Mary said... arm hurts just looking at yours. Speedy recovery. Beautiful cards...I'm glad I stopped by.