Monday, 29 November 2010

School's Out - It's Snowing!

This is the view from our front door this morning.  
Fresh virgin snow always looks so pretty.  I especially love how everything looks so clean and everyday sounds seem slightly muffled ... like everywhere's wrapped in cotton wool.   But there's no denying that the arrival of snow brings havoc and disruption, as has been reported on all the news channels this weekend.  Here in Fife, every school and nursery is closed today and there's more snow forecast for later so the kids are happy ... if the squeals of delight from outside are anything to go by!  Snowmen and igloos will be the order of the day I think.
We have plenty of soup in the cupboard though ... so reckon we'll just snuggle down in front of the fire with a mug of hot chocolate and a packet (or 2) of choccy biccies to wait for the thaw. 
For those unfortunate people who have no choice but to venture out in it ... take care and stay safe xxx


Susan.... said...

Hi Max,
That all looks so beautiful ! Best place to be is home with hot chocolate and biccie's and maybe a bit of crafting too !
Hope you and yours are all well !
Take care if you are out on the roads..
susan x

Aquarius said...

Those pictures show the snow as so pretty but it is hard to imagine how somethong so peaceful looking can cause such havoc and disruption. Take care if you have to go out. Down in the west country we have blue sky and wintry sunshine but still cold enough that the ice hasn't melted off the parts of my car which are still in shade.

jackiescrafts said...

Hi Max
the snow looks so pretty and at home with hot drinks and choccy biscuits is certainly the place to be
Had to venture out to work today but once I got on the main road it wasn't too bad, glad I don't have to go tomorrow as there is more snow forecast for tonight and we will see what wednesday brings
Take care
hugs Jackie x