Monday, 2 August 2010

**Happy Birthday Naomi**

Naomi has enjoyed a wonderful 15th birthday today ... with lots of gorgeous cards and gifts, (which means she has a long list of thank you calls to make over the next few days) ... topped off this evening with a super meal at her favourite local eatery, The Wok N Spice.  We always get a warm welcome from Jon, Isa and the staff and they made sure our little family group were well fed and watered. 
The beautiful birthday cake was a melt-in-the-mouth heavenly chocolate delight.   Trust me when I say it was beyond delicious!
Mega-huge thanks must go to Susan Clunie for being an absolute star at the eleventh hour and producing such a fantastic creation ... complete with ultra-cute sugar paste horse, (that Naomi wants to keep as a memento).   
We're taking Cally a slice when we go to visit her tomorrow morning as she was released from hospital today following her surgery.  Looking forward to seeing her again.
Think I'm going to catch up on some missed tv programmes before having an earlyish night.  Sweet dreams all xxx


Ann said...

ah Max the cake is just wonderful - not surprised Naomi wants to keep the horse. I wanted to keep the elephants but my love of icing got the better off me!
Fabulous card too - what amazing horse image.
Ann xxx

Aquarius said...

Great card for someone who loves horses and as you say the cake looks scrumptious

Tasha said...

Such a beautiful card and the cake looks gorgeous! Hope Naomi had a lovely day
love tasha xx

E.T said...

ooh loving the bow and the papers! the colours are wonderful!