Saturday, 12 June 2010

Trio of Cards

I admit to not being the most organised person in the world and often get frustrated when I look at the mess I create after making just a single card that has taken hours to come together.  
I pull things out from hither and thither, opening drawers and dragging out boxes of 'stuff' all over the place, wasting endless hours hunting for bits'n'bobs I think I need to use, only to have to put them all away again because they weren't what I wanted after all.  
Last night I challenged myself to see what I could do using limited supplies and just a single sheet of 12" x 12" paper. The objectives were to, hopefully
* reduce what goes into the scrap box, 
(never to be seen again)
* improve my craft time-management skills.    
So I took one sheet of Celebrate Star double-sided paper from a 3 Bugs in a Rug collection, along with the matching stickers, mini brads etc. and set to work.
It wasn't easy to resist the urge to go raking but I was determined to stick to the limits of the kit and soon got into the swing of things producing this trio of simple cards - perfect additions to the 'Grab'n'Go' box.
AND ... there was even enough left over to add a little to the insides too!
By doing this little experiment, I have proven to myself several things.
*I can work with limited supplies and still produce something acceptable
*There is little, to no, waste heading for the scrap box
*Creating 3 cards in the same time as it usually takes for 1 is much more efficient
*There is hardly any mess to clear up afterwards - whoo hoo!
All good positive points.
Now I'm not suggesting for one second that I have reformed my messy habits ... that would be too much to ask ... but at least I now know there is an alternative and I CAN be more efficient when I try, so mission accomplished. 


Irene said...

Fantastic Max. Love the papers, they are so bright, zingy and funky. Great designs also. Perfect.

The photos will not be long.


Aquarius said...

Well done for that very disciplined approach and great cards too. I can identify with your normal method of working - much like mine!!

Ann said...

oh my goodness tooooooooooooo organised - steady Max it could become a habit. Love your cards and how great to use up all the bits. Great stuff.
Ann xxx

jackiescrafts said...

Oh Max how organised is that, well done you. Your 3 cards are all brilliant

Hugs Jackie x

dragonflyjoy said...

Great cards Max, love the way you have made use of every bit of paper without making it look like "SCRAPS" It's nice now and then to just be able to make a few cards without too much trouble but still have good results. Well done.

I'm still not card making but perhaps one day........

Love and hugs

Joyce xxx

Ikki said...

Great cards and a good lesson for me as well. ikki

PS: Yes, I can with pleasure put another card of yours in my FF gallery. I'm making the rules and sharing good ideas is the name of the game! Thanks for your permission - not sure when, but soon and I'll let you know. I'm going on holiday shortly and I'm trying to get myself organized, normally I'm not! Thanks

Cambiel said...

Ohh Max, I can SO identify with you on the mess from making one card, and the TIME I waste looking for things. I love this idea of making 3 cards from one set of carefully chosen items and sticking to that! Great cards too, by the way :-)