Friday, 22 January 2010

Bah! Humbug! Challenge 3 - All That Glitters

It was Ann's turn to set the Bah! Humbug! Challenge this time and she opted for a favourite among crafters young and old - 'Glitter'

Now this is where I hold my hands up and confess that I'm really not a fan of the sparkly stuff - SHOCK!  HORROR!  I KNOW!!
Don't get me wrong!  I LOVE how it looks on finished projects, but HATE how it gets everywhere.
Puh-Lease don't pretend you don't know what I mean!
In your hair ... up your nose ... manoeuving it's way into unmentionable places where even Heineken can't reach!   
*Shudder* ... it's gritty! ... like sand - AND - what's more it stays around for months, winking at you in the lights, even though you vacuum your carpets to within an inch of their lives and scrub yourself ruthlessly each time you wash! ... *double shudder*
Anyway,  because I love my dear friend Ann, (and I'd hate to be responsible for making her cry), out came some sparkly silver gritter ... errr I mean ...glitter from a deep 'black hole' in my stash.

I clenched my teeth ... took a deep breath ... then took another one ... and managed to produce a couple of card duos.
There are 2 x DL size and 2 x 5" square size cards, decorated with some free vintage Christmas images from Dover Publications mounted onto silver mirri card and coloured cardstock.

The background paper and sentiment used on the DL cards are from HOTP Christmas Paper Pack and the smaller angel cards are backed with patterned paper, which was found in my scrap box. 
The sparkly stuff has now been banished back to it's 'black hole' where it will hopefully stay ... at least for the foreseeable future.
And as for the cards ... well it's safe to say they are not the best cards I have ever produced and would probably have looked nicer if I had used ultra-fine glitter, but they are currently sealed in cellophane bags and will stay there, in a locked vault until such time as they are tentatively released, written, placed gingerly in an envelope and delivered to some poor unsuspecting soul sometime in December. 

Ann, Irene and myself - the resident 'HumBuggers' - are all looking forward to cruising your blogs again this week to see what glittery gorgeousness you have produced.

Oh! ... Psssssstttttt ... keep your eyes peeled over at Bah! Humbug! this week 'cos there's going to be a wee treat for someone - can't say 'who' ... can't say 'what' ... and can't say 'when' - it's exciting stuff huh?


Fabrizio said...

Simply gorgeous ! XXX Fab

Ann said...

Fabulous Max - love all these cards - for some reason theres only a close up showing on Bah! Humbug! Not to worry though it's looks fine.
Ann xxx

Ann said...

hi again Max - have pinched photo of two cards together and put on blog - hope that's okay with you.
Ann xxx

Irene said...

Morning Max

What can I say, but GORGEOUS, STUNNING and FABULOUS. I love all of them.


Doreenobrn said...

Well considering you don't like the sparkly stuff you have certainly used it to the max, fabulous xxx

Beryl K said...

Great cards Max, especially as you don't like the glittery bit.
Beryl x