Monday, 12 October 2009


It's been a while since my last post - mainly because I have been very busy in the 'real world' as well as completing a wee flurry of card orders - but also because any online time has been spent on facebook, playing silly games. Not the most productive thing to do with my time I know, but it's all I could be bothered with.

While I've been away from blogland I've done some serious thinking about the amount of time I actually spend online. It has definitely become a much bigger part of my life than was ever intended and the balance seriously needs to be redressed.
So I've decided that my posts here will be much less frequent than before and may in fact be very INfrequent ... although I do still plan to continue visiting with you at your creative corners as often as possible. Couldn't cut myself off from my blog-buddies altogether or severe withdrawal symptoms will set in!
Actually, it'll be nice to have proper browse time again and not feel under any pressure, (albeit self-imposed), to show off anything myself unless I really want to.

It's inevitable that some followers will head off to more active spots ... there are literally thousands of wonderfully talented and inspirational bloggers out there to keep your appetites whetted on a daily basis ... but before you go, please know I've really appreciated your loyalty and want to thank you for the many kind comments over the last 18 months.

My daughter is currently on holiday from school and I intend to spend quality time with her - provided she wants to of course. We are looking forward to our annual trip to Sunderland at the end of the month when she will be competing in the Ten Pin European Open and we'll hopefully be meeting up with Irene ... *waves madly to Irene* ... while we're there.
... if we play our cards right, we could be enjoying some of her fabby-licious home-baked scones.
Scrummy for the tummy !

So ... that's the state of play for now - I'm all 'blogged out'
I need ... want ... and am going to take a 'bloggy-break' and only time will tell if it is going to be temporary or permanent. Hope you all understand xxx


Lilacanglia said...

Hope all is ok,
and you can keep in touch,
I to have not been well and just sitting on face book,
Addicted to bejewelledblitz, but its all that I feel up to,
Have fun with your daughter,

Susan.... said...

l can fully understand and respect your decision Max.l will miss popping over to see you gorgeous makes and read what you and the family are to but,you have to do what is right for you and l wish you well..
You still have a friend here, so dont forget !
susan xx

Max said...

Thank you both very much xxx

Hazel (Didos) said...

Ah Max, I know where you are coming from. I seem to spend hours on the computer. Mind you its to take my mind off everything else just now. Will keep following your infrequent posts!!
Take care Love Hazelxoxo

jackiescrafts said...

Max I fully understand where you are coming from but I will miss your posts and your wonderful creations. I will keep following your posts however infrequent and please remember you still have a friend here so pop by when you can
Take care hun
hugs Jackie x

Ann said...

I shall just pester you in other ways Max. There is no escaping me.

A word in your ear about visiting Irene ...


Yes Irene has bought a bread maker and given the next couple of weeks to practice you should be just timing your visit to perfection.

Lucky you.

Take care Max - will miss your posts, but know where you're coming from and as I said you can't escape me.

Ann xxx

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Max.
Totally understand hun, i also do too much blogging,
Keep in contact hun, will miss ya.
Hugs Angel

Max said...

Thanks everyone. Really appreciate your messages.
LOL @ Ann - as if I could possibly think abpout escaping xxx

dragonflyjoy said...

Oh Max I shall, like the other ladies, miss you and your postings but can understand only too well what you mean and agree wholeheartedly with the decision you have made. Time with the family is most important.
I know I spend a lot of time on the computer but it is mainly because I can't get out and about and having had pen pals for over 20 odd years I do a lot of emailing. I also check on the C.A. ladies blogs every day but couldn't handle the pressure of having one myself. Not into games either but I have heard they can be very addictive.
Will keep in touch, poppet and hope to see you on here from time to time.

Take care and enjoy whatever you decide to do with your leisure time.
love and hugs

Joyce xxx

** Irene ** said...

Hello Max

It's me, no hiding now and as Ann said you can't get rid of us.

Scones and Bread Hmmmmmmm this needs thinking about. ?????


Max said...

I promise not to hide ladies ... although it's almost hibernation season isn't it LOL?
I'll be around and about - just not so much.