Monday, 20 October 2008

Work In Progress !

Phase 1 of the mighty stash move is completed ... but I have to ask myself whether there's going to be room for Phases 2 and 3?

Hmmmmm .... it's looking doubtful but I'll certainly give it a try LOL!


Crafty_Passions1995 said...

Oooh, it;s looking fabby :)

caroline said...

Hi ther, it's me!!! Thank you for your comment on my blog! I realised just how much i was missing you guys!
Wow have you been busy or what.. it looks fantastic, she says with a large touch of longing in her voice!!!Enjoy your space , Caroline - cupcakedaft xxxxx

tiggertastic said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! that didn't take you long hun, look at all the fantastic stuff you have and (loads and loads) of it as well.

Enjoy using your new craft space max,

take care, hugs, Sarah xx

Lauren said...

WOW max is so so neat, looks fantastic, have fun making things in there. xx

Christel said...

Waou!!!!!!! How tidy this is!!!! All my stuf is lying in a corner of the living room, everybody trips over it 10 times a day!!! :-)

torpenhow07 said...

Wow that's a fab crafty space Max and so tidy. Enjoy making things there

Irene said...

Max, I am so JEALOUS !!!!!!!!
all that fabulous space.

Jane said...

Oooo lovely lovely work space, I am green with envy here, busy in my yard square corner of the living room ;)